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What are some good RECENT songs that have a piano in them?

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    Lisa Mitchell - Incomplete Lullaby

    Contemporary sound.. should be easy to sing too if so inclined.

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    how recent? the fray has some good songs with piano

    "100 years" by five for fighting

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    The Hush Sound uses piano in almost all of their songs. A few of my personal favorites are 'Unsafe Safe', 'Eileen', 'Magnolia', and 'You are the Moon'.

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    Avenged Sevenfold-Critical acclaim

    Source(s): Have the cd
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    fall for you by secondhand serenade

    and love lockdown by kanye west has a samll part of piano

    in it

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    Most of Vanessa Carlton's music has piano

    Mandy Moore's "Gardenia" also does.

    Alicia Keyes "No One"

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