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Did you know The Presidents Family has to buy their own food?

When they live in the White House.


I'm just asking if you know!

Update 2:

I heard on the news they have to pay their cleaning fee and buy their clothes (gowns and all).

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    That is something I did not know. I would like to know what your source is though. Things often get mixed up in the translation with these things. If they buy their own food, what happens at state dinners where they entertain a lot of people, does their portion get billed to them, or do they eat free at those events. The clothes I knew for sure, some of the first ladies actually borrowed expensive gowns, some had a deal with famous designers who wanted the publicity, like with Jackie Kennedy. Mrs Obama is certainly a tall and stately woman, she would be perfect for any designer to hand his clothes on.

    The percs for being the leader of the free world go far beyond the salary and every day expenses, they go on far after they leave office too. The job right now is a thankless one as Obama faces one of the toughest eras in living memory. I am very sympathetic and will give him my support, as I think all Americans should. I believe he will prove to his detractors that he is truly working for all of us and will get us out of this mess eventually. It is also very special to have a leader who is educated for a change.

    A final word about groceries. The man is so skinny, how much can he possibly eat!

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    Anything that the white house provides them (food etc) is given to them and payed for by tax payers. That includes lots of little things. But say if they go out of their way to go to the supermarket and cook up their own food, of course theyre paying for it.

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    You didn't exactly say it's true. Believeable though.

    It makes me wonder if "Executive Order' can allow a Chief Exec to give himself a temporary allowance to cover those expenses.

    If not - maybe we should pass the hat. That meager ($250k?) salary must be a real belt-tightener. Don't count on my help.

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    They got a nice big lawn in front of the White House. They ought to think about doing some seeding and planting in their spare time.

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    I did, but most of the meals will be wrote off as a business expense. They also have to buy their own clothes..

    Actually, this is a job with benefits, not a vacation.

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    I live in a white house and have to buy my own food also.

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    Who ever told you that, is way out there. He don't pay for anything. we the Americans pay for it and if you like him and support him you are just as bad as he is! he and his buddy Sharpton has done nothing for this country except to split it in half!

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    Its a good dam*n thing1 With Michele's taste the country would be another billion in debt after 4 yrs!

  • Interesting. Never knew that. I used to think that food was part of being President they didn't have to worry about. Learn something new everyday.

    Thanks for that interesting info.

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    That is outrageous! I believe food should be part of the whole being president thing! I am not saying that they can eat crab and lobster every meal, but i do not think they should pay for their own groceries! although their food bills would be coming out of taxes......

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