How do I get more visitors on my website?

I have an unofficial website for the AHL hockey team the Portland Pirates ( I work hard on it and update it often. The problem is nobody knows about it. How do I get the word out and attract more visitors to my site?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Google has an advertisement service that is paid. Local newspapers and the yellow pages.

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    1 decade ago

    Keyword Ad is a good choice for you to save your pocket because it counts per click.

    That means that it’s free when your ads are seen.

    You need to pay only when the audience click and enter your website truly.

    Google and Yahoo both provide this advertisement service.

    You could contact with them for more detail.

    By the way, keep your server stable is important too.

    If you would like to rent one, this is a good option for you~

    They provide free trial so that you may confirm if they could satisfy you.

    And of course abundant and updated info are important too for your website to attract more eye balls.

    You may read some more website construction related knowledge here~

    In addition, do maintain your website confusing you?

    If YES, this would help you to maintain your website without any website edit software such as dreamweaver and frontpage easily and rapidly.

    For your reference~

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