Can I get my lip pierced with my cousin as my legal guardian?

I'm only 13, which makes you think I just want the piercing because everyone else is getting it. But I've been thinking about it for about a year and a half. I asked my mom about it over and over again but she won't make a deal with me. My cousin has agreed to take me and she's 21.

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    nope, not just anyone can be your legal guardian. You could probably find somewhere that would be willing to do it anyway. I know you've made up your mind and im not trying to change it but let me just say that I got my belly button pierced at 15 and it was something I always wanted. Now I'm 21 and I don't regret it but at the time I was also thinking about getting my nose done. I now know I would regret that just like I would regret my belly button if people could see it all the time. Getting your face pierced is a big deal. It's not easy to get rid of afterwards because your always going to be left with a mark. A big problem of getting it done at such a young age is that as you grow the skin where your piercing is will get very thin. I had a friend who got her belly button pierced at you age and just a year later it popped out, as in the skin just opened because it got so thin. Also they can get infected even if you take very good care of it - mine did and I didnt even notice, I went to the doc for something unrelated and my mom insisted he take a look and yes it was infected. I'm just trying to encourage you to really think about it - its not just how its going to look now but how its going to look in the future, plus the health risks that come with it especially at youra age. The age rules are put in place for a reason. Also how would you feel if you mom forced you to take it out? Good luck! I hope ur happy whichever decision you make xx

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    the only way that would work is if your cousin was the person taking care of you daily was was ACTUAL your legal guardian. legal guardian means you have no parents and someone else is watching over you.

    on top of that no good safe or clean place owuld even think of piercing you at 13 regardless of wether or not your parents let you. only @ 16 w/ parent consent

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    If your cousin is not your legal guardian, she can not take you to get pierced. And most decent places won't pierce you if you're only 13.

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    why can't you wait 3 more years?

    or until Your 15!you need a legal guardian or call your mother,if your there,because they will make you anyways!or have you mom write a note saying you can!but try to convince her!i want one but my mom won't let me either and i'm 16!

    Source(s): ugh!:) sorry but u kinda young!
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    no you can't, a parent or legal guardian would have to go with you....they will ask for certain documents in order to make sure that the person with you is actually a parent or legal guardian.

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    No reputable place will pierce a minor without their parent present. They ask for your parents ID and they copy it. If you find someone that will let your cousin sign for you I would not trust them. They may not be sanitary since they obviously don't follow the law. I'm sorry I know that's not what you want to hear.

  • dalmas
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    confident the parlour might desire to get in subject for piercing a minor and it appears that evidently like maximum states age cut back it 18 for piercing. I have been given my labret pierced like 2 weeks in the past and that i like mine, i think of it suits me properly ^-^ and that i'm 17 however the criminal age in Britain is sixteen for piercings so i became criminal :/

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    As long as she is legally your guardian, which she sounds like shes not, she can take you. other than that, you can't.

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    listen to your mom she is right to young and dont go behind her back its not good ask on you 14 or 15 birthday

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