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i feel like someones with me/watching me?? ?

its weird, for the last couple of years, i've felt that someones watching me. not in a creepy freaky way, just in an observation kinda way, or watching over me way. i don't know if i've just talked myself into this, or if i really truly feel it. it doesn't happen all the time, just occasionally. i'm not crazy i swear, and i've never been one to believe in ghosts... any ideas?

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    I think that we as humans automatically feel that way. Like we see in movies it kind of sticks in our heads, or we never feel completely alone. It's like a 6th sense I suppose. Maybe you have someone looking over you.

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    I agree with the first answer and i think that the second answer is funny...btw

    i sometimes feel that too, and im sure that i'm not crazy, but sometimes when im alone, in my room, the hairs on my arms raise and i turn to look behind ones there...

    i wouldn't be scared, a little freaked yeah, because in my head i was completely sure that some one was there.

    haaha we are freakss lol

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    It's the government, and you spotted them!

    They'll send assassins for you now, you have to run!

    Get to Mexico! HURRY!

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