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I need answers about vaginal odor?

every time i go to the bathroom my vagina smells bad...and its not like its an infection because it doesnt hurt, its not swollen or red...and everything is normal its just that it smells...i tried wearing scented panty liners but they don't seem to help. any other suggestions?

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    It sounds like you may have bacterial vagina's. Or you my have an std. all infections don't leave you red and swollen. some just change. i would suggest that you go to the pharmacy and buy on of those vagsil test kits. What you do is wipe some of the discharge on the ph strip and depending on the color it will tell you what you have. Blue means bacteria Vaginosis, yellow is yeast, and green is normal. you may just want to see a GYN doctor. Bacteria Vaginosis, is not a bad this it is just a change in the ph of the vagina, it is common when you have unprotected sex.

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    1 decade ago

    You may have Vaginal Thrush.It dosent hurt & it dosent make your vaginal area red it is just cloudy looking discharge that has a yucky kinda fishy smell.

    Go 2 the docter & get a test done or go & get some canesoral or canestan from the chemist.

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    1 decade ago

    try using summers eve wash in the shower and they also have wipes u can use when u go to the bathroom.

    no matter what u use,talk to ur doctor about it.

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