What metal bands should I try... (more inside)?

I'm thinking of trying:



Arch Enemy


Machine Head



Dark Tranquility

How good are they/are they good, and what are their best albums?


Hey Roxel! Thanks! Also, Pantera is crying... they thought they were the best groove metal...

Also, how many Aaron Turner pictures do you have?!

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    Hey bro!

    Thanks for letting me know about the question.

    A couple bands on there I think are pointless to listening, but some are ESSENTIAL! I'll go through each one.

    Gorgoroth - Not good. Don't like em. Very brutal though. At one concert they lined the stage with severed sheep heads on stakes and had two crosses with naked models "nailed" to them. Wicked cool. If you must check them out I do like the song "Incipit Satan" a tiny bit but they are not very good musically.

    Devildriver - Don't like them enough..I used to like them. Check em out if you want, I don't really know.

    Arch Enemy - CHECK EM OUT BRO! They are amazing! Angela Gossow is great! I love them!

    Best albums: Anthems of Rebellion, Wages of Sin, Burning Bridges

    Best songs: Enemy Within, We Will Rise, Dead Eyes See No Future

    Vader - Definitely check them out. Great metal. I only have Impressions in Blood, so you can check them out more! But look them up!

    Machine Head - Never listened to them. No opinion.

    Nile - Bro. Come on. One of the best bands EVER!!!! CHECK THEM OUT! Brutal blasting, lyrics, and guitarwork and vocals. I love Karl Sanders! And George Kolias!

    Best Albums (In Order): Annihiliation of the Wicked, Black Seeds Of Vengeance, Ithyphallic, In the Beginning (The others are awesome too, get them all)

    Best Songs: Cast Down the Heretic, Sacrifice Unto Sebek, User Maat Re, Black Seeds Of Vengeance, Eat Of The Dead, As He Creates.., Execration Text, Unas Slayer Of the Gods, Ramses Bringer Of War

    Decapitated - AMAZING! Another band like Nile. Essential brutality! RIP Witold! Check them out man!

    Best Albums (In Order): Winds Of Creation/Nihility (Tie), Negation, Organic Hallucinosis (Get all 4, but not the First Damned promo/live thing)

    Best Songs: Nihility, Spheres Of Madness, Mother War, Day 69, Blessed, Winds Of Creation, The Negation

    Dark Tranquility - Great, check them out. Very nice and soothing!

    Best Albums: Skydancer, Haven, Projection

    Best Songs: The New Build, Lost to Apathy, Damage Done, Of Chaos and Eternal Night

    Source(s): Lol, I love answering your wicked long questions! They are fun! Stay brutal man!
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    Definitely try listening to Dark Tranquillity and Machine Head first. Those are the best bands out of your list in my opinion. Start off with Either the albums "Damage Done" or "Fiction" by Dark Tranquillity. Both albums are brillantly excuted with the finest Melodic Death Metal that is out there. Mikael Stanne is an amazing vocalist.

    For Machine Head, start off with "Through The Ashes of Empires". That was my favorite album from them. Machine Head is probably the best Groove Metal band that has entered the music industry.

    As for the rest of the bands, you definitely should like Nile and Arch Enemy. Great choices by the way.

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    Devildriver - The Last Kind Words, The Fury of Our Maker's Hand.

    Arch Enemy - Wages of Sin, Doomsday Machine, Anthems of Rebellion.

    Machine Head - The More Things Change, The Blackening, Burn My Eyes.

    Dark Tranquillity - Fiction, Damage Done, Character.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yeah, I saw your Q. about Gorgoroth, I recommended some good albums by them, but I don't like them that much, I mean, you can just listen to them once, after that, it becomes boring!!

    you should try Dark tranquillity and Nile, though each band you listed is totally different from each other! but those two are my faves outta the list you made!!

    -Dark Tranquillity is REALLY good, actually AMAZING is the word! their best albums: "Fiction", "Character" are my fave two, but "the Gallery" is the most talked about, it's also really good!!

    -Nile is great!! try: "Ithyphallic" and "In Their Darkened Shrines" or "Annihilation of the Wicked"

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Machine Head are awesome! Definitely give them a listen!

    I dont't really know any of the other band apart from Devildriver, but try listening to Opeth and Whitechapel. Personal favourites!! =)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm going to throw out that you should DEFINELY check out Dimmu Borgir and Necrophagist as well

    Nile's awesome, In Their Darkened Shrine

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes try all those except Morgoth, or IamGoth or GroseGorth whatever

    the rest are awsome bro

  • 1 decade ago

    Light This City

  • 1 decade ago

    Definitely VADER and NILE all their albums are great

  • 1 decade ago


    You could try:




    I personally wouldn't consider myself a fan of either band or heavy metal

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