HELP me with CSS Please!?

im in a css scripting class in high school its pretty basic, but for this project i have to create a website with a whole bunch of stuff, i thought why dont i just forget it and copy some css layout from the internet. So i have the free webtemplate but there is some crazy stuff on the top of the HTML page it reads this:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"


<html xmlns="" lang="en" xml:lang="en">



<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=iso-8859-1" />

WTF is all that i cannot turn that in with all that crazy code on it. bceasue my teacher knows i dont know wtf that i tried deleting it and it screws up all my margins and navigation bar and every question is how do i keep my nice looking template while getting rid of or dumbing down that fancy code???

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    DOCTYPE is just for standards and stuff, you can delete it,

    remove everythign from inside <html just put <html>

    change template to what you want the title to say in the top of the browser. (or completely remove <head> and the line with <title> if you dont want that)

    Delete the meta line completey

    you also need to close head if you keep it (</head>)

    put a <body> after head,then your main content,

    then at the end </body> and </html>

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would keep the doctype coding at the top... if you dont some browsers may not recognize your coding and it could show your webpage all messed up... i doubt that will happen though the doctype coding is for validation purposes... i always use it just incase.

    I dont recommend deleting the coding... i think you should learn it. CSS plays a big part in the design of a webpage... the HTML is the structure, like tables, forms, positioning and CSS is used for font colors, font style etc... HTML has coding for such things like font style and font color but its considered to be old since CSS has taken over the design of the HTML coding... HTML used to be able to structure and design a page and you still can but its old coding. HTML = structure CSS = design... they go together.

    Click the link to learn CSS... its very easy once you get the hang of it... a week studying these tutorials and you'll know the basics a month studying them and you'll know most of the CSS coding.

    I know you dont have time to do that right now but i recommend you look and learn from those tutorials, its a very good site.

    If you know HTML code then you should be able to tell whats HTML and whats CSS... just carefully delete the CSS code bit by bit... thats all you can do. Invest some of your time to learn CSS. I hope this helped... check out the link! dont ignore it click it.

  • dalmas
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    in comparison to HTML, CSS does not "create" something. somewhat, it decorates, aligns, and positions (etc) components in HTML. In a nutshell, CSS takes the conventional HTML output and provides some regulations to the way it rather is particularly displayed. CSS can edit issues which contain factor width and height, history coloration, border, alignment, and genuinely visibility, for starters. HTML is able to doing a splash of those issues, yet as stated earlier, the procedures are frequently deprecated, or are quickly to be deprecated. CSS is integrated right into an internet site utilising inner markup (interior the top; in type tags) or exterior markup (From a ".css" record).

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    It determines the standards of the HTML/CSS code the site is using. You should be able to delete all of that and just have




    and you should be fine.

    Or you could not cheat and do it yourself, If your teacher even has the slightest of brain, they will notice. So you won't get away with it.

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