why does it seem no one is against it anymore?!!?

Isn't there anyone who is highly against abortion?! I've been seeing all these posts lately on different categories about women having abortions or wanting them like it's nothing at all! I personally think it's a horrible and very upsetting thing to do to your own flesh and blood. Then i have people say you don't know what that's like. But i most definitely do, i got pregnant at 14 years old and kept my baby, solely for the fact that i did it to myself, it was no one else's fault but my own. Of course i was so so scared, but it's my baby and i had to take consequences for my actions! I love my daughter very much and i am 110% happy about what i chose, and i'm doing great now. But i pretty much got called disgusting here on Y!A for having and keeping my baby!

Does anyone else think abortion is just a terrible form of b/c?

*ugh sorry about all my ranting :X


Okay frank i am VERY proud of my baby and how well me and her dad are doing raising her. I do not brag about getting pregnant at such a young age. But i am very proud of myself and my family for being so strong. And you know what's something to be proud of?!

Not killing my child because i was stupid :)

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    I honestly think it is worse then murder!! there are so many people who cannot have children of their own and just the thought of someone 'messing around' and not caring that they have killed something they created is beyond wrong.

    I too was pregnant at 14, although I was raped and I did not keep the baby, I gave my baby up for adoption after 9 months it was hard but I knew it was the right thing, I blessed their lives and they bless his every single day.

    I hate the thought of anyone thinking it is ok to kill their baby, I live by "say no to abortion, your mother did".

    I personally hate people that decide to get abortions at like 16 weeks and say they "changed their mind" I think if you are going to do it, do it as soon as you find out, dont wait for a fully developed baby. (not that it should be done)

    I have stopped answering questions about abortion on Y!A because people didnt want my opinion, I was criticized for having strong feelings about it so I stay out of the way,

    You are not alone in this rant lol

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    i'm totally with you...i'm 14 and if i ever did get pregnant i would NEVER have an abortion...it's just wrong...you were mature enough to have sex now take care of the responsibilities...abortion is wrong...some people say "well it's just the fetus and your not actually killing anyone"...who are they to say that? It's what nature intended...that baby was ment to be kept and to be given birth to, you may have just killed the next prime minister or president...good job :) NO!!! STUPID STUPID STUPID!!! If you really can't raise the child give it up for adoption...why would you get an abortion? So that no one will see proof that your sexually active and got pregnant? So that you can hide that your sexually active from your parents? I just don't understand...some people put themselves first...what about how your child's life could've been...yes, there's a chance that they would be depressed...as some of us are anyways...there's nothing to be ashamed of in being a teen mom...seriously...

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    Yes i personally do not think that any woman should get an abortion, not matter the reason, that baby is a person from the time that it is conceived and should not be treated that way, how would you like it if someone did that to you? you wouldn't right? exactly so do not under any cerumsance do it to an unborn baby....

    I know there are situations where you are raped or it was very young but you know what its only 9 months and then you can give that baby up for adoption there are so many people in the world that would take a baby no matter the situation so give that family a chance to.

    sorry i hate this subject.

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    I would never have an abortion. But I would never look down on anyone who decides to get one. It's their choice and not ALL b/c is 100%. What if you got raped? Would u keep it? If someone is being irresponsible, that's a different story, there are also times when there is a good reason for one. My friends little sister was 11 years old and got raped, she turned out pregnant. Do you think an 11 year old should carry a baby? i was also a teen mom too. I was 16. and now on 2nd baby at 29.

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    steph you're a very strong girl.

    i personally am for a woman's right to choose.

    I think abortion should be legal because it's not fair for society to tell a woman what she can and can't do with her own body on such a personal matter. As a form of b/c I think thats awful, but not when you're actually consciously not using a condom or other method of b/c.

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    I absolutely agree with you that abortions should not be used as b/c. However, someone getting one abortion in their life does not qualify them as using it for b/c. Some women have had many many more abortions that that because they ARE using it for b/c. Appalling.

    I don't particularly like abortion, and think it's a shame that there are cases where it's not necessary and people get them still- but who the hell am i to tell a woman she has to carry the baby to term? It's not my place to judge someone, or to tell them what to do with their body.

    I'm pro-life, but also pro-choice. I think that getting an abortion should be a lengthier more involved process though- so that a woman understands all the risks etc fully, and so that they receive the proper counseling before and after.

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    I am entirely against abortion. In all cases. Having a baby myself made me feel more strongly about that.

    I feel a baby should be made in a loving, married home...but if someone gets pregnant outside of those circumstances I don't think abortion is the answer.

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    I am TOTALLY against it!!!!! There is still people out there that would NEVER even consider it. I am 21 years old, and not married when I found out I was pregnant back in April, and even though marriage was very important to me before having a baby. I have embraced it, bc abortion was NOT an option!

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    Y'know, it's completely different for every different experience. I personally believe that women have the right to choose what to do to their own bodies and no one has the right to force another person to do something that they do not want to do i.e. be pregnant. After saying that, I have to mention that I am totally against irresponsible relations without birth control and a attitude of 'woops, lets try that again'. I' am totally pro-choice however.

    Some people would have different opinions of what is 'right'. For you, 'right' was keeping your daughter. For others, 'right' is letting something go at the right time instead of raising a child that would not get adequacy in anything.

    my motto, don't get preggers in the first place.

  • i think it's beyond wrong, i could never imagine killing a human being rather or not it's actually breathing on it's own. it's morally wrong and goes against everything i believe in. i think it's murder. and ive kept 1 kid so far and i'm keeping this second one to, so don't let people tell you that you are disgusting for keeping your baby. at least you have the guts to keep your kid, you've done the right thing. it's so much easier to get rid of it than it is to keep and raise that little life you created. good for you. i'm proud of anyone that chooses to keep their baby and not kill it, i am even proud of women who chose to give their baby up for adoption, at least they are giving the baby a chance at life. and not being selfish.

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