What is this song called?

It's on Cadet Kelly, and Legally Blonde 1. On legally blonde, its at the part where elle is studying for the L.S.A.Ts, and margot is giving here a 143

On cadet kelly, its where, kelly and gloria are traing for kelly to try out for the drill team.

if you need anymore additional info. tell me and i'll add it!

help! Cuz i really like that song!!

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    :)i dont know which song is it but i found the list of songs on thee sound track:

    One Girl Revolution"

    Written by Max Hsu and Dave Charrian

    Performed by Superchic[k]

    "Don't Get Me Started"

    Written by Kit Hain and Nina Osseff

    "I Need To Hear It From You"

    Written by Nina Ossoff and Kathy Sommer

    "It's Not That Deep"

    Written by Donny Markowitz

    Performed by Cash Hollywood

    "Watch Me Shine"

    Written by Dino Esposito

    Performed by Joanna

    "Relating to A Psychopath"

    Written by Macy Gray, Jeremy Ruzumna, Darryl Swan and Dave Wilder

    Performed by Macy Gray

    Source(s): imbd.com
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    1 decade ago


    uhm im not sure if this is the right one, but im pretty sure its

    One Girl Revolution - Superchic(k)

    if not, then i hope you find it!


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