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What would a good friend do?

There was a falling out between me and one of my girl friends, Sara.

I have another friend, Ben, who is a close friend of mine... and an acquaintance of Sara's.

Well, apparently Sara began IMing Ben and was talking very poorly of me. He didn't stop her, and only listened to what she had to say.

Would a good friend say he didn't want to hear whatever mean things she was saying about me? I feel very hurt. Is it justified?


To the other Ben: Yep, exactly what I did do... I told him it hurt my feelings. He basically related that he didn't know it would hurt my feelings. No sorry, and then he started putting me down... :-/

I have had a lot of probs with this guy. I think ditch-time is in the near future.

Update 2:

To Dick (appropriate name): I don't associate with her. And you'd definitely be someone I'd avoid as a friend.

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    Depending on what she was saying, it is justified. I don't blame you for feeling hurt. Friends need to get other friends' backs.

    But also, don't go and tell Ben you hate him. Just tell him that it hurts when he doesn't stick up for you, and ask him to please not just let it happen again.

    He could still be a good friend, but maybe doesn't have the right priorities. Don't ditch him, not yet.

    If he does more stuff like this, and if he does it a lot, then by all means ditch him.

    good luck!

    ben (another one)

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    well, if someone was talking to me about one of my good friends i wouldn't say anything, because my personality just isn't like that. I would be too shy to stand up for my friend, but if it was something really mean then i would stick up for them.

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    Him saying something wouldn't change anything. It isn't like she was plotting anything evil. Quit your whining and stop associating with her.

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