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could anyone help me write my essay on Intelectual Property?

the question is this

Should we eliminate laws that protect ownership of intellectual Property?

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    The electronic environment is currently forcing educators at all levels to revisit issues concerning intellectual property. Quick availability of information and data through the Internet has changed the way the general public views information since it is in seemingless endless supply through use of computers on anyone’s desktop. Thus, faculty and students alike are faced with an endless, figurative smorgasbord of materials in varied formats. A dilemma concerning intellectual property occurs when owners’ rights collide with users’ rights and the public need to access and use resources. Thought provoking papers about the Internet and intellectual property are becoming available on the World Wide Web. Esther Dyson has written a book, Release 2.0, and several articles dealing with intellectual property on the Internet and the intellectual value of property. An article by Vincent J. Roccia presents an interesting perspective on copyright law in the United States and possible changes or clarifications needed perhaps to enhance applicability to the Internet. Current copyright laws in the United States perhaps do not quite address the Internet per se because it represents a challenge to existing law and interpretations. Burk presents a discussion of intellectual property issues and challenges presented by the "Electronic Frontier."

    This paper will present a brief overview of several topics. The first is ideas and concerns as to why faculty and institutions in education, particularly higher education, have good reasons to ask questions concerning "who owns what" in a era where educational opportunities may be delivered through the World Wide Web and various distributed learning systems. Secondly it will present issues relevant to learner support and student ownership. Third, the paper will provide a brief overview of copyright legislation changes and reports which occurred in 1998 and 1999. Lastly it will present some sources of information, sample policies, and ideas about ownership of intellectual property which institutions might consider. Readers may wish to explore the listing of recommended resources for additional information.

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