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can anyone help me out with this? (ex boyfriend)?

well my ex boyfriend and i have been broken up for about 4 months now and we kept in contact up until oct. when i basically got a clue and figured out he only really wanted a booty call from me. so i cut contact with him and just yesterday he texted me and asked what i was up to. and said we should hang out sometime..and i didnt text back. then he texted me 2 hours later saying hey whats up..and i didnt text back..then he texted me today asking what i was up to and i didnt text back. and we had eye contact when we saw each other in the hall today and he kept looking at me during lunch. i dont know what to do? of course, i still have feelings for him because he was my first love. but i've just been ignoring them because i'm guessing i will always have feelings for him. (we dated for 7 months btw) so why is he trying to talk to me now? he was an asshole after we broke up. i was never anything but nice to him. does he want me back? or is it a booty call? or he is just trying to mess with my head? please help, i'm a little confused :/

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    1) Boody call, 2) feeling you out to check if you've found some one else! Depending the reason you broke up, is a big influence why he's doing this now! If he broke up to pursue another, she probably didn't give him the time of day and now he’s got no one! Keep ignoring him, he'll either give up or confront you why you are ignoring him! Either way... there are 6 billion people on this plant, 300million in the US, I'm sure you'll find some one better, cooler with more respect for you!

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    Do you nonetheless have emotions on your ex? in case you dont have emotions, dont hassle/sense responsible too lots! he's your ex boyfriend, you're certain to continuously think of a few issues he does are candy. Ive gotta say however....... in the adventure that your boyfriend unearths out i don't think of he would be satisfied! in line with threat it may be superb in case you informed him your self, i think of he'd understand extra in case you heard it from you and he would relatively have the flexibility to help if youre perplexed approximately all of it! :) i'm hoping it seems ok!

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