It's not a problem, but I want to make it better.?

I'm a boy, age twelve, grade seven, 5'4", and my weight fluctuates anywhere from 103.5 (lowest) to 109.5ish (highest).

(Ignore this paragraph if you don't know what Body Mass Index is)

This puts my average weight at 106.5. I round that to 107, and enter it into a BMI calculator. My BMI is 18.4. Just barely underweight.

So I'm not fat. There's your proof. But I'm not ripped either... at all. I could probably do like five pullups if I tried hard. I've never really tried, because I've never done any on the fitness tests, but I have done like two (Oh my gosh, two? That's a ton...!). So... I'm athletic, not super amazing, but I run cross country and track every year, as well as participate in traveling soccer. Right now I'm waiting for soccer to start. I want to exercise/work out, but I can't really. Really. Two of my older siblings are at college and one has sports all the time. So I couldn't go for a run (my parents don't do that). I've tried doing planks & situps at home, but my feet naturally lift up when I do them so I can't really do that, and my feet always slip doing planks. If you didn't notice, I'm pretty focused on my abdominal muscles, because I'm satisfied otherwise. Any ideas?

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  • 1 decade ago

    you sound perfect!!! why are you worrying? i am in 7th, too and i am almost 13. all of the boys i hang with are heavier than you. it is probably your metabolism (did you get to that in science yet?? you will this year...). you have a really high metablism, just like me. i am a grl obviously, if you are wondering. my brother is the same. he is 10 and he weighs like 70 something pounds, and he is underweight. he has no muscle whatsoever. if you want muscle, you are going to be in the normal zone. although i so have extreme abdomens and my bmi is like 17. anyway, just do situps, its what i did. i do a hundred a day, and i am as stinny as a toothpick with amazing abs, and all the boys are watching me, and all my grlfriends are EXTREMELY jealous. so just stick to crunches and situps, and eat healthy! i am also a health nut, and i eat all that organic crap. if your feet come up while doing situps, wedge them underneath a bed or dresser. i personally use my desk. participate in a gym class.

    after all that organic stuff and situps, i weigh 80 lbs, and like i said, have super abs, and i am the fastest gurl in gym class. go figure.

    hope this helps!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    get a gym membership.. if not try this exercise where you are on all fours and you lift your arm and opposite leg at the same time. like lift your right arm and left leg while balancing on the others and hold for two seconds, then switch. do 15 on each side.

    try backwards crunches. lay on your back(if you need to, you can have your arms laying flat straight out above your head and hold on to something-like table legs) bend your knees at a 90% angle and lift your butt and pull your knees towards your face- so you are doing crunches but by lifting your butt of the ground and not your shoulders

  • 1 decade ago

    When doing situps, hook your toes under a couch. Works every time. Now if only I could get myself to do them. Hm.

    (looks at bulge in middle, sighs)

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