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Lost Question: Who is Kate's dad?

All I remember is she visited him before she went on the run and he was something to do with the army.

It wasn't that Charles guy was it? Penny's dad?

I seemed to make the connection, but i just wanted to make sure!?


oooh really. I missed that bit. Or forgot it! Thanks!

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    He was an Army officer who was divorced from her Mom. Although he raised her it was actually her stepdad Wayne (the one she killed by setting fire to the trailer) who was actually her biological father.

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    No, kates dad was not Charles Widmore. Her dad was Wayne, who she originally thought was her stepdad , but who she killed to protect her mother before finding out he was her biological father. The man who raised her was Sam Austen, who was not her biological father. Sam Austen also shows up in a Sayid flashback as one of the soldiers who releases him.

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    Sorry that I don't know the answer off the top of my head, but I would like to warn you that the link in Warrin's answer leads to a site which will give you a virus if you click on the video and download the .exe. Do not visit the site.

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    Wayne (the guy that she thought was her stepdad, that she killed) is her father. The man that she thought was her dad (who was in the army) was actually her stepdad.

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    you're talking about lost, right?

    Kate thought her father was Sargent Sam Austen, before she figured out her step father was her biological father

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    yeah, her real dad is the guy she thought was her step dad.

    the one she blew up that started the whole fugitive mess.

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