How to make a book with scrap booking supplies?

I am in the seventh grade and we are required to make a book. I already ave tthe story written, but she says it needs to be decorative and made into somewhat of a book. So i want to use scrap booking stuff. Any tips?

(The story itself does NOT have to be 81/2 by 11)

Thanks so much!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Buy a scrap book. Use glue and tape. Glitter helps wow the reader.

  • dougan
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    4 years ago

    If I had them close, i might pick Michaels. yet right here is yet another determination. i don't have get right of entry to to craft shops, so in my view, i'm a great Ebay fan. no longer purely are you able to get great deals, yet you do not have spend numerous time and gas acquiring aspects. additionally, that's a very great place to work out others scrapbook artwork that's up on public sale. If i won't be able to stumble on some thing on Ebay, i seek for different on line components. the internet is packed with components for products and advice. wish this helps.

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