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Did you name any of your kids with a name with a meaning behind it?

Can you tell me the name and the meaning?

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    My son will be James Kenneth. James is just the one name we can agree on, but Kenneth is a family name for my husband. It's his middle name, his father's, grandfather's, uncle's, and brother-in-law's first name!

  • My son's name is Ethan James.

    Ethan was because we liked it and could agree on it. James was in honor of my husband's father, whose first name is James. In my husband's family, the son's middle name is the paternal grandfather's first name, so my husband's middle name is Theodore, which is his grandfather's first name.

    I'm Jewish and generally dislike naming people after living people, but I figure the kid got my husband's last name, got my husband's choice for a middle name, so when it came to picking first names, I'd get my way. :)

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    I have three daughters.

    My first daughter is named after her step sister (Paiton Thy) and she has my middle name. Her name is Thai Lyn.

    My daughter's father threw a fit because he didn't get a say so in naming our first. (he wasn't exactly there) He is obsessed with hunting so he named her Hunter I gave her the middle name Laine after my mother's middle name.

    My husband (different father) wanted to name our third daughter Allie. I wasn't "sold" on the name and I suggested Callie and he could call her Allie. He agreed. Her middle name was my grandmother who I was really close to that died right before she was born. So her name is Callie Belle. funny thing is he calls her Belle instead of Allie.

  • Remy Arabella.

    Remy was because I had a dream that I had a child named Remy when I was younger, and the name grew on me and stuck in my head. I think it suits her very well.

    Arabella is a very dear friend of mine, so she was named after her.

    Source(s): Mum to a one month old girl =]
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    My parents named my older sister Megan, then me Casey, then my little brother Brady.

    They are all Irish names with 5 letters. I was also named for a character on my moms soap opera.

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    Well, my name is Sarah Michelle. Sarah means "Princess", but I was named after my great grandmother and Michelle means "who resembles God", but that is my middle name because it is the feminine form of Michael, my grandpa.

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    Madison. The meaning: daughter of a mighty warrior. Her father is in Iraq.

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    my first daughter was born on my mother's birthday, so we named her after my mother's name- Rose

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    My sons name is Jacob Eden.. Jacob for the Jacob in the bible... Eden for the Garden of Eden..

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    I have none.............................

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