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Is there a good, clear explanation of how to do a Rubik's cube Jessica Fridrich Method?

I can solve a rubik's cube in 58 seconds. but i want to get faster, and i need to find an explanation of how to do the Fridrich method. Please send me an answer. and dont just say "go on youtube". because i already have. and i cant find a lot of good tutorials. Please tell me the username of the person who uploaded the good tutorial if u r gonna tell me to go on youtube. And if u know the Fridrich method please answer!!!!!

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    the only part of the fridrich method that is learned is f2l … i cant give you the link because im in school (dont let us go on youtube), but his name is kippy33 … the OLL and PLL are just from memorizing algorithms … on badmephisto’s youtube page, i think he shows a 2 look OLL and 2 look PLL, thats what i learned 1st …. eventually move to a regular OLL and PLL if you have a good memorization

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