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What are the silliest dog myths you have heard?

Gimme some good ones- I am still trying to procrastinate from doing icky Calculus!

"They have a 6th sense"- I think that most odd behavior can be explained by their better 5 senses that ours- particularly smell and hearing. Why make up a new one? Though that is more superstition than myth.

"____doodles or ____poos are hypoallergenic"- Poodles may have lower allergens that affect some people less- but how is that maintained with mixes?

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    Some dogs have fur and some have hair

    Hybrid Vigor

    Backyard Breeders are better than puppy mills

    Dogs need to have a litter of puppies

    Dogs don't need our help with having pups - they were wild animals.

    Dogs need an "alpha" dog in the house

    The way to cure a lonely dog is with another one

    Added: Oh, good one Missy. I hear that 'brain growing' thing about Dobermans, too.

    How bout that jaws of pits 'lock'?

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    That's a popular myth with cats....though anyone with real sense will tell you that the worst the mother will do is attempt to move the kittens to a more private/secure place (this is with cats, I've never had a litter of pups, so cannot say for them). I still think the "locking jaw" takes the cake--what an interesting trait that would be! LG: Not really; not that I know of. Their undercoat is a little lighter than the topcoat, but that's fairly normal I think, and you only notice it this time of year when they're shedding their undercoats. Other than that, both my female Sheltie and my Aussie mix have a black undercoat, and a somewhat reddish topcoat where their black areas have been exposed to the sun.

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    Miniature pinschers are not miniaturized dobermans

    Doberman pinscher's brains do not grow until they explode.

    Pit bulls jaws do not lock.

    Garlic does not get rid of fleas, in fact it is poisonous to dogs

    females do not need to be bred once before they get spayed

    all dogs have animal dander even hairless dogs, so there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic breed

    I'm sure there's much more but I can't think of any

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    The strangest thing I've ever heard is that any lab breed or mix has webbed feet. I don't know if this is actually true, but someone told me this and I know several people with labs, 1 full blooded, and none of them have webbed feet.

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    Ok, the dumbest one I have ever heard is "Pit Bulls' brains never stop growing, causing them to grow so large they create pressure against their skull, making them mean and aggressive".

    ***Most anything bad you hear about any of the pit bull breeds has primarily stemmed from a ridiculous myth. Such as they are all bred for fighting, therefore they are all vicious, they will turn on you, one day just snapping and attacking you, and yes, the ever popular lock jaw, etc.***

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    Myth- 1 human year = 7 dog years

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    "The b*tch must have puppies to feel like a woman."

    I don't have enough time to point out all the faults and stupidity in that one sentence.


    Oh, and when people tell me "Pugs are SO lazy".

    That one always makes me giggle!

    I've never had a dog that bounces off the walls as much as my Pug (and the Pugs I've had contact with).

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    My favorite of all time is: If your purebred dog gets bred by a mutt she is ruined forever and all the pups she has for life will never be pure no matter what you breed her to. *LMAO* That one just kills me.....I just want to say "Here's your sign." *LOL*

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    science chick, I like the look of a poodle. They are so cute.

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    pit bulls jaws lock. pit bulls are responsible for all dog bites, and or death. their monsters. mutts are not good dogs, i beg to differ.

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