How do I find out what kind of gas valve my oven has?

I have a gas range oven, but the igniter has broken. I know i need to replace it but there are different igniters for different gas valves. How do I find out what kind of valve I have?

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  • Foggy
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    1 decade ago
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    Their are basically 2 types of ignitors. Round and flat. The round one must be replaced with a round one and the flat one must be replaced with a flat one no doubt. If you are in doubt pull out the drawer on bottom and look up the model number. There should be a tag on the frame. If you have a GE most of them have round ignitors. Maytag has a flat type. Whirlpool and frigidaire has a flat type.The most popular is the flat type. Read more here:

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    Just remove the ignitor and take it with you to the parts store. It does not matter what the valve is if you get the exact replacement for the ignitor. Your best bet is just to remove it and take it with you to get the exact match.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you need to write down the make ,model and serial number of the stove and call the parts department for a replacement.

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