Help me belly dancing?

Does anyone out there belly dance and if you do please help me strat theres no classes in my area

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    I highly recommend you try again to find a local instructor to take lessons from and then use other resources to supplement your learning. It can be dangerous to learn by using only videos or internet resources especially since you can easily misinterpret what's being done. Without an instructor you also do not get any feedback or correction. You also will not get as much understanding of how to use the moves with appropriate music. You may not have looked in the right places to find a class near you. I've included a condensed list of resources below to help you out, several directories are listed. Sometimes you can find classes at a local community college, the YMCA, a local gym, community education, the yellow pages sometimes lists bellydancer. If you have classes that are just a little too far away perhaps you could consider paying the teacher to come to you once a month and give private lessons. You learn much faster with one on one focus and could supplement your privatte lessons with daily practice videos and other supplemental resources. However if your only option is to to learn from supplemental resources only then here's the list. Also, you can often find videos, books, and music at the library which would make it free as well.

    WEBSITES (for finding teachers/classes) - probably the most extensive directory - my site which has a decent sized directory as well. - another large directory as well as a great forum which can answer pretty much every question you will ever have about bellydance since it's comprised of bellydancers from all over the world.

    If you can't find lessons looking on these three sites there may not be any in your area.

    WEBSITES (for learning moves on-line)

    middleeasterndance . net (see above link) - my own site look under the movements section, there will be enough to keep you busy for a long time. Also please read the before you begin section with the disclaimer, warm-up, cool-down, and basics about posture.

    shira . net (see above link) - Shira's site is an extensive collection of articles written about and for bellydancers and can provide you with a wealth of information that will be very beneficial. It's one of the oldest and most respected sites on the Internet and is referenced by bellydancers world-wide. She has a specific page which tells you how to do some moves as well as extensive links to other sites that offer on-line lessons as well. - More movement descriptions. - go to on-line dance lessons there are several articles about dancing there. - Another old, well, respected website full of information you should check out. She offers a few instructions for several basic moves. - more of a technique lesson but might be helpful after learning some basics. - has some descriptions of select movements.


    Belly Dancing Basics by Laura A. Cooper (ISBN: 140271078X) - newer book, not great but not bad either.

    The Art of Belly Dancing by Dahlena with Dona Z. Meilach - This book is out of print but shows up on amazon and e-bay from time to time. It's ok but it's written for a different time the history part is especially questionable but the moves are pretty straight forward.

    Grandmother's Secrets by Rosina-Fawzia Al-Rawi (ISBN: 1566563267) - An interesting read has several descriptions of dance moves as well.

    A lot of books have been coming on the market recently and most of them (excluding out of print books) are available at Barnes and Nobel or borders books as well as other chains and smaller stores.

    ON-LINE INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS Several mini instructional segments on various moves as well as zills, costuming, and musicality. - more mini on-line instructionals. The video quality is a little poorer and not is clear to see but the instructional quality is decent.


    Precision Motion Workout Series by Suzanna Del Vecchio - offers good posture basics as well as quality instruction on many moves.

    Bellydance for Fitness Series by Neena and Veena Bidasher - this series is very cheap and available from major retailers like target, walmart, borders, and Barnes and Nobel but the quality of instruction is low. This is more of a workout for beginner dancers who already have had some training. The videos are a good quality as far as picture and sound but these are not good for an absolute beginner.

    If you have any questions about bellydancing, please feel free to contact me through my site.

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    Have you checked the teacher's list on for your area? There may be a bellydance teacher in your area, but she won't be listed in the phonebook.

    You can sort of learn some belly dancing from the free vids on youtube, but you'll learn about 6 moves tops - and you won't have anyone to watch you and tell you if you are doing it correctly. Off the top of my head, I can think of about 12 walking moves alone that I know - there are hundreds of bellydance moves and only a small percentage of them are on youtube!

    If there really is no teacher in your area the best DVD's (at least in my experience) are Amira Mor's. She teaches the moves in detail and the right way. Be sure to get the first one first - they go in order by level - the later ones are hard even for me! They are available pretty cheaply from Amazon, or if you have a netflix or blockbuster online membership, you can rent them there.

    Source(s): Been bellydancing for 6 years :-)
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    It's actually pretty easy.

    I think of it as three major parts: hip movements, belly movements, and chest movements. Of course, there are still arm, leg, foot, and hand movements, but you can pick those up later.

    The best way to start is with the hips. Practice moving them both together, and then apart. You should be able to move one without moving the other in a few weeks to a month. Practice "rolling" them, which is rotating them in circles. Picture making a circle on the walls on either side of you with your hips. Check out some Shakira videos for help with this. Try "Ojos Asi" for hip rolls and "Hips don't lie" for isolations, which means moving them separately.

    Next comes the chest. This may be a little difficult. At first, don't try anything serious. Just sit down (it's easier to move the chest without moving your hips while sitting down) and practice "pointing" your chest in different directions. What I mean by pointing is popping it in different directions. First try up and down, then diagonally. After a while, you should be able to rotate your chest in a circle. Practice it by pretending to draw a circle on the wall in front of you, then rotating the top of your torso and drawing a circle on the floor. It's easiest to do this with your hand on your hips.

    Finally, time for the belly part of belly dancing. It takes time to teach your tummy muscles to do this. Practice warming up your muscles by doing this: stick out your stomach as far as possible, then push it out a little farther. Then suck it in as far as you can, then suck it in a little farther. Imagine touching your spine with your bellybutton. Do this for a while, like a week or two. When you're comfortable with this, start looking for the different muscles in your tummy. There are the three stripes of muscles across your stomach, then a fourth stripe right under your ribs, where your diapraghm is. Isolate each of these by pushing them out seperately. The best way to learn this is to push the rest in with your fingers to teach yourself where your muscles are. Once you can isolate each one, suck them in and push them out one after the other to create a belly roll. Check out Shakira's "Whenever, wherever" to see an example.

    And lastly, a few words of advice: Never take it any faster than is comfortable for you! Belly dancing is like Yoga: It's all about getting to know your own body, and this takes time and patience!

    Check out youtube. There are some wonderful tutorials that can illustrate everything I've told you, and more. Belly dancing seems complicated, but it is actually very easy to learn. You cannot just dive into it, though. Ease yourself in. Go slow.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): I've bellydanced since I was twelve, and taught myself how to do it so I could get back in touch with my culture (My family is from India and the Middle East, but I was born in America).
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    First you should make sure that you start off with correct posture. Stand up straight, feet within hip width, shoulders back,open the chest, bend your knees, and tuck your pelvis under you. This always feels awkward at first but you will get used to it. You should also keep in mind that you knees will be bent the majority of the time that you are dancing so if you aren't bending your knees you are probably doing something wrong.

    Source(s): I belly dance.
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    Here is a tip: dont move your hips... its called isolation!

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    try you tube, find instructional videos for free

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