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How to avoid a friend without hurting him?

I hav a friend who has different mentalities as compared to me. So I wish I could avoid him from getting closer with me, but without hurting him at least. Can u all kindly give me some tips or ideas?

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    If this kid thinks you guys are friends, it will inevitably hurt him a little that you don't want to be friends.

    It sounds like you don't want to entirely cut him off (maybe I'm wrong), so I suggest not putting yourself in places you can avoid where you will have to hang out with him for extended periods and make sure you have reasons to not hang out other times. If you don't put yourself out there he will at some point get the picture.

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    I had this same problem about 6 months ago. Unfortunately, I began to feel guilty for trying to ditch him... and things got worse and worse. :( He became super attached to me, and now he puts me down whenever we talk, because his views are very different than mine.

    So, this leads to a lot of discord in our friendship.

    My advice would be to end it now, rip it off like a band-aid. Haha... Otherwise, you will grow closer and open up doors to problems. Just be busy whenever he wants to hang out, and don't take his calls.

    Sounds mean, but it's better than the guilt that comes later with the full fledged "friendship".

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    ailment is often a stable excuse. If we are invited as a pair, I say that HE replaced into referred to as into artwork. (he's in no way relatively been referred to as into artwork provided that 1974!) in case you have little ones, they are able to be sick. yet relatively...why are you warding off social gatherings which includes your loved ones and/or pals? handle that concern!

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    well, every time he talks to you, smile and use short answers like "yes" "no" "sure". don't invite him any were, were you 2 hang out or anything but still talk and be nice adventully he will get bored and not get any closer to you!

    can any one help me??:

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    well lol dude dont try to inflict any damage on the kid that would suck! and thats not equal revenge im sorry but you can try to ignore him and just walk away and start to tell authority what he is doing to you! and let them know that it is not okay what they are doing and to get them away immediately because they are a disturbance! dont report it if you started going up to the kid because there is two sides to every story!~

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    just try to call him less thn u wer calling him b4 .............. just call her or him bt nt too much

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