Ladies only: your advice on kind of an embarrassing question?

If as a guy you've only ever been kissed once by a girl, a very long time ago (as in say 12-15 years ago), and now you're in your late 20s and have no other experience with all seriousness, any advice on what is a recommended way to somehow get more practice at this? For example, not sure if it would ever be OK to ask a (single) female friend not already in a relationship if she can show you how...or would this always be considered an inappropriate thing to ask?

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    ask one of your good friends to help you practice. ask her in a VERY shy and insecure way(so she thinks its cute and not creepy). just tell her you're embarrassed and ask her to help. im sure she will if you act cute and innocent!!

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    I don't know that I would be offended, but I would feel uncomfotable if my male friend asked me to help him practice his kissing skills.

    It sounds cheesy, but practice kissing on your arm or the back of your hand. If it feels good on your arm or hand, chances are it will feel good to another person on the lips. Trust me, I did this and have received many compliments on my kissing abilities!

    Other than that, you will just have to wait until you find someone special. Explain that you are inexperienced. She will more than likely be happy to show you a thing or two! Each time you kiss someone, your technique will improve. Just relax and don't "overthink" it too much!

    Good luck!

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    That depends on how long you have known the grl. If its longer than like 3 years than that si ak, but make sure that either the bf knows and ddoesn'tmind, or he ddoesn'tfind out

    You can also practice on a pillow or an orange! even your hand, just make it look like a mouth and voula!!

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    I would not want to kiss a guy friend as they seem more like a brother- yuk! BUT you could go out and meet a tipsy (not drunk then it will be sloppy and she may regret her behavior) girl at a bar and ask for lessons. A little conniving but I bet it would work!

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  • 1 decade ago

    i would say it would be inappropriate to ask a friend ...when i was young i would practice on my hand lol...but it seemed to have worked cuz ive had no complaints

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