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College Major...Wat is it and what should I choose?


so I'm a sophomore in high school and I know its a little early but I want to start thinking about my college major. I know that I either want to be a pediatrician or an OB nurse. So what should my major be? I don't really understand what a major is either...any help?

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    A major in college is an area of study you focus in. Sometimes it ends up being a big stepping stone to a career, sometimes people end up in a profession completely different from there undergraduate major.

    So, if you want to be a pediatrician, you're talking about a PhD. That's medical school. So, you would first go to an undergraduate program (college) where you'd probably major in something like biology. The major you choose isn't actually too specific, it's the course load you take. You can get into med school as an English major as long as you've taken all the necessary science classes, but since most people have to take the science classes anyway, they often choose to be a science major. While in college, then, you'd start looking into medical school. Then you'd go there for five or six years, then do a year or so of residency (that's like interning in a hospital or doctor's office), then you're ready to be a pediatrician.

    Nursing is different and I'm not as clear on the details of that, but I believe you don't even need to get a BA or BS (the degrees you'd get at a traditional 4-year college). You need a special type of degree and some colleges will offer it, some don't. There are also special colleges with programs designed specifically for nursing. It's a very specialized program so while on a track to become a pediatrician you can have some freedom in your undergrad work, you'd want a more specific program for nursing.

    Here's some information on medical professions and education. They might not have the specific careers you're looking for, but it should give you a solid foundation of knowledge. After that, I'd suggest speaking to your counselor, especially if you're looking for a nursing program.

    Hope that clears things up!

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    A major is a subject you choose to pursue a career you want. If you want to be a nurse, major in Nursing. If you want to be a pediatrician, you should major in something like Biology and then go to med school.

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    nicely, evaluate this: a million. various sixteen-17 12 months olds won't have an theory what they want whether they have been primary in a school/college... they are going to finally end up moving classes or taking further learn till they finally found out what they want. 2. this relatively relies upon on what form of mothers and dads we are speaking approximately. take your mothers and dads' advice in the event that they are able to guarantee you their help as much as the factor of organising a occupation... i used to think of people who entirely believe in connections have no skills by any skill, yet in factor of actuality human beings build their careers inspite of skills and leaning in direction of what mothers and dads want is easily stable if (and on condition that) they understand what they are going to get their little ones into. yet whether, there are a number of clueless mothers and dads obtainable too. 3. if it relatively is a few thing which will deliver various funds yet will have no hobby for... what's the factor? no wellness care expert can say that he/she hated technology, no pilot ever hated flying, and no businessman ever hated dealing with funds. is there even a occupation obtainable which will pay plenty yet does not require one's ideal because of the fact he does not like it? for Filipino college-certain scholars, that's often been a consensus between the pupil and his mothers and dads. it relatively is accessible to disagree without being unsightly particularly for this reason, this may be a teenager's destiny at stake.

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