Son's vocabulary is seemingly lacking?

ok. My son is three. turns 4 in march. Off hand, he says about 35 different words when prompted. other then that, he still talks like a young toddler. I have tried alot of different tactics to coach real words out of him. Including sort of ignoring his tantrums(he stops using any real words when throwing fits) and all i gain is guilt. What am i doing wrong? also, he will be starting school soon. As soon as he completely goes poty on his own.(which he somtimes needs help). im scared he will not progress at school. Or even he might have a behavorial probelm....He had a sort of sad relationship with his father, when he was around. lots of ignoring, lazy-ness. Anyone got any advice? stories? referrences? also, i would like to start taking him and I to church. How do i do this the least stressful way? kids and church somtimes dont mix, but i really want him to accept god as his savior. when he is able to actually do so.

thank you

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    I suggest contacting your state's early intervention program (Google *your state* early intervention) for testing.

    As for church, talk to your friends who have kids to see how kid friendly their church is or visit different churches until you find one that is a good fit.

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    OK there are many issues here... one is his speech... by 31/2 your son should be talking full sentences, explaining things he saw or he wants, etc So if he's not talking enough for his age there might be an issue. Having checked up by his pediatrician and maybe a he'll recommend a speech pathologist and see if that helps....

    As far as potty goes it's OK if he still needs help though just try to encourage him to go on his own more often.

    As for Church.. of course you can take him!!! I take my children to church, and have taken them since they were born!!

    Many churches have children programmes at the same time the service is... sort of like daycare but they talk about God and usually do some nice religious songs, some activities that talk about God or the Bible.. etc.

    Why dont you start by buying your son a children's Bible? You can go to any bookstore.. there are some really nice out there. Get one with lots of pictures and then you can start reading him parts of it as a story for bedtime... there're also some very nice prayer books for children.. you can start that at home as well.

    I think you just have to find a Church that you like going and that is has a nice children's programme as well, I think that's key.

    Good Luck!!

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    Hi there. I am a speech and language pathologist, so hopefully I can give you a few pointers...

    1. Try not to give him what he wants unless he tries to say it (copying you is fine; as long as he tries, it doesn't matter if it sounds perfect). I know it's easy as a mum to give him the item, because you already know what he wants. Make sure this is a positive experience, otherwise you may end up in tanty land!

    2. If he only uses 1 word sentences, only use 2-3 word sentences with him, to give him examples to follow. This will also help him understand. (e.g. "bath time Sam", rather than "come on Sam, it's time for you to go and hop into the bath")

    3. Give him choices which he needs to respond to verbally (e.g. "do you want juice or milk"). Again, he just needs to have a go at saying it.

    4. Pretend you don't know what he wants, or ask him to do something without giving him what he needs (e.g. draw a picture, but don't give him the pencils). Be careful not to make him frustrated.

    Also, I would suggest you get a communication assessment from a speech and language pathologist. In the mean time, try the techniques mentioned above. If you do look into signing (as others have suggested), make sure you talk as you sign, and only sign the key words of the sentence. Also expect him to try to do the same.

    Hope it helps - good luck, and try not to worry!


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    My daughter who is almost 2 has had almost no vocabulary at all. She can say basic words but chooses not to use them at all. I had her daycare recommend sign language. She is already using it at daycare and has an amazing vocabulary there! IT's at home where I don't use signs. So my reccomendation would be to look into sign language and also talk to a speech therapist about his lack of communication for the same reasons you have already expressed. You can have him tested by a therapisth through you doctor. Tell his Pedatrician about your concerns and he/she will get you in touch with the right people! As for church.....Idk where to point you on that other than just take him. I mean honestly at his age he should be able to sit for a little bit and it would be bennefical for you spiritally as well. I'm not sure but some churches offer a daycare for during services where they talk about god with the children. Just ask.


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    My youngest child, out of three, was a lot like your son, after having two other children who had very clear and well pronounced speech by three I was stumped at my son's lack of vocab. He only spoke small sentences and dropped a lot of words and sounds when he talked. He started school this year and is now 5 years old. It has taken 8 months of being at school with the other children to bring his speech up to a relatively normal level. He still has trouble with his T and S sounds but other than that is fine. As for church, maybe there is a Sunday School program at a church near you that he could start to go to with you accompanying him.

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    Take it slow. Remember there is evidence to show that when a child has a tantrum they actually aren't capable of responding in a normal way. You must be patient and hold true to waiting for him to use a word he knows. Dont let him slack. Also find something he really likes and encourage him to talk about it. I wouldn't wait to take him to church, especially if he isn't around other kids much right now. Find a church with a kids group and start slowly.

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    Take the poor child to a speech therapist ASAP! The child has a bad speech delay and you are not trained to help him through it. He needs professional help.

    My son said 10 words at 2 years old. At 27 months old he was diagnosed with apraxia, and started therapy. by 30-31 months old he had a vocabulary of 50-75 words and was speaking in short sentences. He is just over 3 years old now ( in therapy for 9.5 months) and has been speaking in full sentences for several months. He is one of the best talkers in his special ed preschool class, yet he is still probably 6-9 months behind in his pronunciation. He continues to go to speech 2x per week and make great progress

    Source(s): mom of 3. oldest was a late talker at 22 months, youngest was dx with apraxia and started speech therapy at 27 months old
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    There are plenty of three year olds who don't talk much. One of my sons didn't say much at three and what he did say was really hard to understand because he had a speech impediment. Now you can't shut him up! Ha! In fact, he is in law school and loves to debate. He really started talking normally at around 4 1/2 years old. We read lots of books to him and read them so often that he had them memorized. So as we read we had him say the words along with us. That seemed to help.

    Church is a great idea and he will hear lots of wonderful stories there and learn songs as well. Most churches have Sunday school for young children with activities and stories suited to their age. If he is stressed by going why not volunteer in his class. Churches need lots of helpers in the children's' department. Once your son is comfortable and has made friends then you could go to your own class.

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    I was watching the show "The Doctors" and Dr. Sears said that his son seemed to be lacking the the speaking dept and it turned out to be a muscle strength problem, or something along those lines.

    He recommends putting stuff like peanut butter on his top lip and encouraging him to lick it off with his tongue. That will help strengthen the muscles. I would also speak with your doctor about this. He may recommend speaking with a speech therapist.

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