My 13 month old bites?

My 13 month old has 8 very sharp little teeth.

She has just recently started throwing temper tantrums when I, or anyone, tells her no or takes something away from her. She will lie flat on the floor, huge crocadile tears pour down her face, and she screams for about 30 seconds, and will be done with it.

Last week, I noticed her biting the carpet when she would have a tantrum. I didn't think anything of it until last night. She walked over to me with the television remote in her hand. I took it from her, expalined that it was not a toy. She hit me. I held her hand and said no hitting; you do not hit, its not nice. I could see the frustration in her eyes, it seemed like she was fighting for control, and she bit me, HARD.

She does not bite my husband or the sitter.

What can I do to stop this behavior before she starts biting others.

I have been researching this for the last 24 hours and am very frustrated. I do not believe that "biting back" is a solution, so please do not respond to that.

Thank you.

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    Hold your ground and don't let her have her way. She will be much harder to control later if you give in. Be calm assertive.

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    Sometimes you have to go through a litany of techniques before you find the right answer. I am glad you do not think that biting back is an option, I wholeheartedly agree. I do not think that we should correct violence with violence.

    My daughter also gets frustrated in the way that you describe so I know how difficult it can be. At first I told her "No, we do not bite, that hurts", at times she would find that reaction funny. I then tried to ignore her when she bit during a tantrum, but I did not see a change. What worked for me was to pretend to cry when she bit me. That really upset her and now it is my favorite method of correcting aggressive behavior. Not only does it stop the behavior, but I like to think that it has the extra bonus of teaching empathy.

    Also, I do try to stop the tantrums before they can begin. My daughter also loves the remote and will freak out if you take it away so I keep it out of her reach. She liked to pull books out of the bookcase, so I replaced the bottom two shelves with kid friendly books. Conflicts will happen inevitable, but when they are little, I prefer to hide the china as opposed to having to guard it!

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    Don't smack her like all these people here are saying. For Pete's sake, she's just a baby. I cannot believe some people. You were doing the right thing by telling her that hitting is not nice. Do the same for biting. When my children were that age, I would put them in their playpen (which was used only for time-outs) for one minute after their tantrum was done if they bit. (For a regular tantrum, I just ignored the behavior completely.)

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    toddlers bite with the aid of fact of many motives. one million)it feels sturdy 2) they might't get their thoughts in the time of reason they don't have the vocabulary to tell you what they choose/choose. 3) to locate what that's they are biting. they are nonetheless very oral at 13 mos. i think of you're doing the main appropriate ingredient. do no longer look a great deal shocked, unhappy, shocked, offended. purely positioned her down, look her interior the attention and tell her that biting hurts and it rather isn't any longer suitable. Then come across a distraction. you additionally can look into some thing it is suitable to bite: a teething biscuit, ring, toy, etc, and supply that to her whilst she bites. Anywhos, i think of you're doing the main appropriate ingredient. sturdy success!!

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    She's teething, and teething is painful. Give her teething rings that are kept in the freezer. When she bites you simply put her down and tell her no biting - it's not nice, just like you're doing. My son would bite sometimes at that age and we were told by his doctor that some kids bite as a show of affection. He's 3 1/2 now and stopped his biting habit around the age of 2. It's so hard at that age because you can't really communicate with them and they get frustrated. Good luck!

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    i would just say "no thank you that's not nice you don't bite". pick her up and sit her somewhere else

    i work in a baby room in a nursery, biting is a really common problem they just have to learn that its not ok. to her its probably perfectly acceptable but she'll learn if you just keep moving her away and she realizes that she doesn't get a very nice reaction to the biting

    hope thats of some use

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    I would pop her on her butt or her hand. haven't you heard of Spare the Rod Spoil the child. So many kids are out of control and hitting their parents and throwing tantrums because they needed discipline at an early age and didn't get it. Time out is a joke. i'm not saying abuse your child but spanking a child is needed to let them understand you are the parent and bad behavior will not be tolerated if you don't start spanking now she will be smacking you around and having you sit there crying your eyes out because you have no control and gave it to the child I am a mother of 4 boys and my oldest is 16 and i spank all of them when is was needed and explained to them why they had To get it and they love me and respect my to this day I have no problems

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    She seems to be coming into her terrible twos a little bit early. However, you musten let her get away with it. Misbehavior begins at a very young age. What you do now can effect the way she reacts in the future. You have to punish her. Kids are not suppose to get by with hitting their elders!She will thankyou for it later.

    Source(s): I use to bite, and I'm glad that my mom stopped it early!!
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    my son bites and hes 12 months i usually put lemon juice in his mouth whenever he does it might seem a little harsh but it stops him from doing it for a couple of weeks

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    Aren't you supposed to ignore the behavior?

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