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Am i Depressed ?

I am 13 years old, at school i am happy... board but happy im upbeat fast paced talks up, fast, and allot. My friends are cool i love them and nobody "hates" me as far a i know. but inside i feel sad, mad, and worthless... i do cut myself only one of my very good friends know so im not craving attention, i do not care if people know i just wished they did not. i hate that i don't know what is going on with me! please help (no answers like "i don't know." thanks)

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    you could be mildly depressed but i wouldnt go and try to get meds, its not worth potentially screwing up your body and having to be hooked on them for life

    try going to a therapist- it really helps sort out your emotions and lets you get things off your chest [cutters tend to be more to themselves when it comes to deep emotions]

    i cut too and if you use a rubber band, or pinch yourself, or scratch yourself veruses cutting it will help you stop and it doesnt leave questionalbe scars.

    no more cutting k??? :]

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