I need a game to get addicted to, any ideas?

So I've been searching the internet for a while now. Maybe I'm just being picky, but everything I find online just doesn't interest me. I have a Gaia, and I've played that for years. Tired of it. I hate Myspace, although I got addicted to that Vampires application. Well, now I'm bored of that. I love the Sims 2, but I don't have anymore fantastic idea's for building houses and all that. Spore is okay, and I was addicted to it for about a week, but now that has become boring too. Halo got me addicted for a long while, and I still enjoy playing it, but eh. And what I'm really looking for is something like Halo, I guess. I really don't care if it's a game I have to go and buy in the store or download from a website. Give me any ideas you might have. Just don't suggest a Ps3 or X box 360 game! I plan to get a Ps3 for Christmas, but as of now I don't have one. And X box 360 I'm just not interested in. Just in case this helps, I have the following game systems- Wii, Ps2, X box, Game Cube, and even a Nintendo 64 thats still hanging in there. So, please help! Suggest anything/everything you've got!

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    I'm currently addicted to Resident Evil 4 for the Game Cube. Its a survival horror/third person shooter and its really fun. Its also on the PS2 and Wii but in my opinion the Game Cube version is the best.


    You can go there for much more information on the game.

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    Well a good download game is DriftCity (sorta like need for speed but mmorpg)

    For Wii- Super Smash Bros,Mario Kart, WWE 2009

    Gamecube - Metriod Prime, Kirby Air ride

    Ps2- Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood

    Nintendo 64- AnyMario Game

    i have/had all these Games and systems

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    unreal - there's tons of different versions of unreal. tournament 2008 was fun, and addicting for a while.

    bioshock - an amazing game that just makes you wanna erase your memory of playing it and start all over when you finish. bioshock 2 is coming out at the end of 2009 :]

    hmmm.. oh oblivion is way fun. but its more of a medieval type game so i don't know if you'll like it since you said you like games like halo

    well those are my top 3 favorite games.. i haven't gotten any other ones for a while cause ive been pretty stuck on those 3. but as soon as i can break away im gonna try fallout 3.

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    Mass Effect for the pc is a great game to get addicted to, as there is multiple replay value and an expansive universe. No More Heroes is pretty good for the Wii. Mirrors Edge is an excellent game for the pc, you can direct download that at the ea store. you can get Fallout 3 for the pc, it has great replay value, i have it for the Xbox360 and i love it. good luck finding a game you like. glad i could help...

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    try Baldur's Gate, it's an RPG where the classes and decisions of you and your party members really do affect the way you can play the game. you will really get lost in the series when you start getting into storylines, weapons, stragegies, exploring, etc. there are TONS of alternative endings too. be careful though, because the later additions to the series start to get a little rediculous, but are still just as good

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    i wouldnt try runescape like that other guy says its a crappy game and maybe you should get a xbox 360 insted of ps3 they are making netflix on xbox360 so you can watch ur movies on it and xboxlive is awesome downloading demos and watching videos hanging out with friends a game i would suggest on wii is prince of persia rival swords for ps2 i would suggest jak 3 xbox i would suggest morrowind i havnt played it yet but it looks awesome and i havnt seen 1 bad review for gamecube try king kong the movie game its fun to play over and over again and for nintendo 64 ever heard of legend of zelda?

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    for wii, I live Thrillville. Maybe for the PC, the best game to play is maplestory. Gamecube doesn't make any games anymore so not as much good games since most stores stopped selling them.

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    there are various assets you need to do- lively activities Drawing/Writing hear to song Use the computing device flow paying for Watch television carry out with acquaintances Now it is your turn to think of. try to get yet another hobbie like determining to purchase and advertising enjoying cards or as somebody else suggested, play activities.

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    Runescape is very addicting and its very good rpg game... i luv it...try it


    Its good u earn money buy weapons go on quests just try it it is so good

    or go to freeonlinegames.com im sure ull find something addicting lol

    if not rumblefighters is real good

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