a student was given only one graduated cylinder to use for this experiment. ?

after using it to measure 50.0mL of the assigned acid, the student failed to rinse or dry the cyclinder before measuring out the 50.5mL of the base. would the calculated H neutzn be higher, lower, or the same as the literature H neutzn? briefly explain this difference as a result of using only one graduated cylinder for the experiment

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    Calculated H neutzn will be higher than the literature H neutzn in this case. The reason is that since cylinder used without rinsing contains little acid which will react with the base which is measured next and this will make base's strength lesser than the original. Now when you will do titration (neuralization) the base required will be more than the actual. and in calculation you will correspondingly get more of the H ion concentration. whearas actually the base used should be less and actual concentration of H therefore should have been less.

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    4 years ago

    Measuring Cylinder Use

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