Photoshop Photo Effect?


I recently found this picture

which has a wonderful photo effect that I would love to try out.

But I have no idea how to?

Could someone be as kind as to guide me to an online-tutorial, or perhaps if you know, to explain it to me?

Ignore the white lines, and the writing, I just want the actual effect thats on the pictures themselves.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated :-) xo


Thank you, but no that's not what I'm looking for :)

I'm asking for the effect that's ON the pictures.

Like the colorization, etc etc? x

2 Answers

  • 1 decade ago

    Not quite sure what "effect" you are talking about.

    You mean 3 pictures put together?

    Very simple to do with Picasa.

    Picasa has a collage option.

    You can put the pictures across or down.

    It's free and fun.

    the only thing that might be a little confusing is the folders, but if you know where a picture is, in which folder, it'll be easy to locate it.

  • 1 decade ago


    Open the first picture


    Go to IMAGE menu and then go to CANVAS SIZE


    in the new window change the WIDTH, must be 3 times the original width (because you going to put 3 pictures together)


    in the same window choose the left arrow in the ANCHOR section


    click OK

    and now you have enough space to put the other 2 pictures


    open the other pictures


    in the tool palette choose the black arrow

    if you don't see the tool palette go to the WINDOW menu and choose TOOLS now you can choose the black arrow


    Drag and drop the pictures

    and put them in place using the black arrow

    good luck

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