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Chex system dilemma, how can I dispute this?

Long story short: My Mom's friend owed her money. So since my mom doesn't have an account she told the guy to write the checks under my name. It was two checks each worth $2,500, I deposited one into my checkings account and one into my savings. So the money was in there for about a week, Then I found out that the guy who wrote the checks reported he never authorized them, when he did sign them and there are witnesses. So now I am in chex systems for fraud, and I can;t open an account for 5 years, and I am only 19. The lady from the Washington Mutual said that there isn't anything I can do to get my name off the system, and she said that I was a third party participant, is there anyway I can remove my name from this system?

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    Sounds like a mess! You should file a police report because that is fraud on his part. Then ask the police where to go from there. Since it is a crime, you wouldn't have to take him to court. The government will work that out. But they will be more able to get proof from the bank(s). His bank will have his signature on file and they will probably get it analyzed against the checks.

    Oh, and there are some banks that will open accounts even if you have a bad report in Chex System. Most won't, but some will.

    Source(s): I've worked at a bank for many years.
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    It's a long shot but call ChexSystems toll free @ 1-800-428-9623 and explain the problem.

    Source(s): Retired bill collector 35 years
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    Probably not.

    If you have actual proof that the guy wrote the checks, you could sue him.

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