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Whats is wrong with this user?

I sometimes put my anme to fake such as Brandon blah blah so sometimes when I ask a question he says YO YOUR NAME IS NOT (watever) hes my friend at school and now he starts telling everyone wtf!! His name is Yash Dave, I mean WHY THE FUUCK would u out your whole name? Thats gay right? gay gay...

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    I was unable to find any answers by this specific user to your recent questions. I did however note that one user in particular takes a keen interest in collecting best answers from your questions.

    However back to the topic at hand.

    If this does occur or is repeated in the future, please make use of the report abuse feature. Not only are such actions not answering the question, however it can also been seen and invasion of privacy. Alternatively please block the user.

    All the best


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    Umm, well you can just tell him at school and make a serious speach lol. He ain't got the right to do this lol. And make sure to gives a Yes he won't do it again and a reason or else if you don't it may keep happening.

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    That is gay.

    Your questions might be personal and you don't want everyone knowing about it.

    and It is smart not using your actual name or atleast not your full name 'cause a lot of people do identity theft.

    Just block him or something.

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