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How difficult is it being a paramedic?

I have been thinking about future career decisions and becoming a paramedic has crossed my mind many times. I'm just wondering how taxing being a paramedic can be on a family and a relationship with the stress and long hours. Can anyone help?

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    It's a tough job with an incredibly high burn out rate. Becoming a paramedic takes about 2 years of difficult school coupled with endless hours of study. Actually working as a medic is rough. I schedule calls for 24 hours shifts, and I frequently work 36 hour shifts for the overtime. During my shifts, I rarely get more than an hour or two of sleep. You'll see truly horrible things, and a mistake on your part can cost someone their life. When you make that mistake, it's something you'll have to live with. That being said, it also gives you an opportunity to help someone in the worst moment of their life. The job definitely has it's ups and downs. If you're doing it to help people, then it's worth pursuing. If you want some excitement racing across town with lights and sirens then you should consider another career path.

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    I would suggest also enrolling in a Fire Technology/Fire Academy program. I would say complete your Fire classes and your EMT, then go through the Fire Academy, then work as an EMT. And while working as an EMT apply to paramedic school and to different fire departments. Because if you want to be a paramedic it is best to become a firefighter/paramedic.

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