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Would putting EMG's on my Squier Strat make it sound any better?

I am still learning so I dont want to go out and buy another guitar. BUT my squier isnt very good.

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    You would spend more putting EMG's than you would buying a new guitar. If you want a stellar guitar for a cheap price, I have a few suggestions.

    I have a Vantage Avenger........its late 70's early eighties. This guitar is one of the best I have ever had for what I paid for it. I have sold my 1000 dollar guitars and kept this one. Comes with great pickups stock. I paid 130 for it years ago. You can get them on Ebay for cheap still.

    Also look into finding a Korean made Fender Strat. I had a Fender showmaster a while ago. I sold it when I needed cash. I regret that. I buy another one day. But they come stock with REAL Semour Duncans and you can get a used on for 300.

    If you want another great underated guitar. Find a Fender Squire Jagmaster Vista Series. Circa 1995. Ebay for that one too. Its really just a Japanese jaguar with humbuckers.

    Save your cash. EMGs would be a waste.

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    EMGs are pretty high end for just a squier.... I'd just save to get another guitar because it should last longer and sound better. And use some lace sensor pickups, they're fantastic!

    Source(s): Used to have a squier tele, upgraded to a fender strat, upgraded that with lace sensor gold pickups (S-S-S)
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    Instead of buying and active pickup and going through all that is involved with installing those, go with some other pickups made for the strat. I too like the lace sensors. You can mix or match to get the sound you want. If you can read a simple wiring diagram and solder, install is pretty easy

    Source(s): 45yrs of guitar
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    welcome to the world of guitar! Fender is known for horrible pickups on their strats! though the squire is a low end model it's a great axe to start with (I had one!) rather then spend the $ on emg's, i'd suggest either select pickups, or dimarzios, the selects are more of an active pickup while dimarzios are more regular! either way yyou'llsave $ and sound great! good lick

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    Most EMG's are active pickups which will change the sound dramatically but you will have to do a lot of modifications to your guitar.

    such as:

    Separate pre-amp (sometimes)

    Create a housing for a 9v battery (always)

    a rewire using the correct pots and capacitors

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