Comcast Cable Modem Connecting to Wireless Router?

I have a linksys wireless G 2.4 GHZ router and an Arris Cable Modem From Comcast they installed it yesterday and i cant get my routher to work, he didnt install it to the router but just hooked the ethernet directly to my Desktop. I tried connecting the ethernet to my router so i could get internet on my laptop. I have a connection to the router but i still dont get any internet working

What am i doing wrong, my problem is getting internet from the modem to the router to my laptop, i am not worried about my desktop. Please help me in DETAIL, type in depth like you were being paid and i will be greatly appreciative.

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  • 4 years ago

    If Comcast installed it, did they originally have it hooked to a single PC? If so, the cable modem is probably looking for the MAC address of the original PC rather than the router. If this is the case, try hooking the cable modem directly to the original PC the tech hooked it to and then release the IP address for the router. If you are using Windows: - Open an MS DOS prompt - Type: ipconfig /release This should release the IP address from the MAC address of the PC. Next, hook up the router to the cable modem. The router should automatically request a new IP address. Since the previous PC released, the cable modem should be able to assign to the router. If this doesn't work, contact Comcast tech support and they should be able to remotely force a reset on the cable modem. I had to have them do this when I originally switched from a PC to a router, which coincided with the death of the original PC. As for the wireless showing connected but not getting to the Internet, the wireless is only making it as far as the router. Your PC can detect the router but the router isn't getting an IP from the cable modem hence no Internet. Another option to try is to login to the administration page for your router (typically From there, you may be able to diagnose the problem with getting an IP address (and other network settings) from the cable modem. You may need to do a "release" on the router if it is remembering the Yahoo service information. It is also possible the Yahoo service had hard coded values on the router in which case you'd need to switch it to use DHCP to get the IP automatically (which is typically the default for a router).

  • 1 decade ago

    Modem RJ-45 plug to WAN/Internet (wording depending on your router)

    You should now have 4 open ports close together....plug computer RJ-45 into that...

    Fire up equipment in this order

    Modem, then wait for it to be online

    Router - Usually up in 30 seconds..


    You should have internet.

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