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Is 13 too young to have a boyfriend?

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    no, its fine just as long as you feel ready to have a boyfriend

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    Well,it depends.I had a boyfriend at thirteen and I thought I was personally too young when I was that age.It really depends on your maturity levels,if you really think you're ready to have a boyfriend,then go ahead but be aware of older boys.When I was your age,my boyfriend was fifteen and trust me,he tried to do things that were going through a teenagers mind.I started to do "things" when I was only fourteen,and trust me,I would have never thought about that kind of stuff if he wasn't around to show me those things.So,you see that your boyfriend will have a huge effect on you,good or bad.Even know my boyfriend was very mature and wouldn't have done anything to me that I didn't want to do,he was still a sexual teenage boy that had a mind that couldn't quit.We're still together after many years!

    Just be careful,sweetheart.

    Make good choices!


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    Grl, 13 is not too young, as long as u feel like ur ready to take on challenges with having a relationship. My 1st boyfriend was when i was in the 6th grade, i was like 11 then, now im 14 and have a bf of 1year and 5 months.

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    No!! I'm only 11! Ice had a bf every year of My life since the third grade!! Ur in middle school right?!? You don't see sixth graders kiss in the halls? Seventh graders hold hands kiss gig whatever you name it! 13 is not to young! So get out there and and find a boyfriend!!!

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    I think you can! Anyone can have a boyfriend (hehe try to be secret with ur mom)! My little 5 year old has a boyfriend Hehe... Really (well its kindof common for little kids to have friends that are boysor girls). I had a friend who had lots of gfs in the secondgrade. A boy secretly kissed my ear once and I was just a second grader (that was my only kiss I've had) My 10 year old friend has a bf, they r really close even though they are half the US away from Each other. How romantic..... Hehe..... So I say "Go for it Girl!!!"

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    No..I had my 1st boyfriend in 4th grade.

    But more like had my 1st boyfriend where I actually kissed and held hands and made out with and stuff in 6th grade. (Yes I sound like a whore, I kinda am..Ha.) Just don't have sex..Even though I may be a little of a whore, I am a proud virgin.


    I have a boyfriend right now too...We cuddled last night..It was great.

    Source(s): I'm 12..
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    its okay but just becareful around him 13 is the age where puberty strikes and he wants to get one thing! so be careful who u choose not to old or to young

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    not if your both mature enough to handle it.

    I had my first boyfriend around then and it went just fine.

    Its actually kind of easier when your 13 because you dont have as many issues to deal with.

  • All depends, all depends.

    I know a fourteen year old who's never had a girlfriend, because he wasn't comfortable with it.

    But then again, I had a boyfriend when I was 10.

    So if your comfortable with it,

    and you really like him,

    do it.

    the mistake I made

    was choose a really perverted guy

    so I always felt like he was gonna try to rape me

    and guess wut?

    I was right. Not to mention he tried to rape every other one of his friends, who are girls...

    Just be careful for those kind of guys.

    It's no fun >.<

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    Yes,it is...The purpose for dating is to find a mate,and you have no idea what to look for in a mate at 13.You might THINK you do,but you'll change your mind about what you want a hundred times before you're old enough to get married.15 at the absolute earliest.

    Source(s): I raised 9 kids
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    my cousin does and they have been together for almost 2 months

    shes just turn 13 and hes 14 how cute!

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