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Why is ignorance accepted in politics?

Why are issues like climate change so politicized, and why are people who have never cracked open an earth science book in their lives allowed to make decisions based on the science they don't know?


What I mean is, why is fact-checking not important with the issue of global warming- is it simply because some people don't believe its occuring?

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    Excellent point. I wonder that myself. The reason is, because it's not about the actual science. It's an agenda. There have always been political figures in this country that are in direct opposition of capitalism and want to push it towards a more socialist economy to ultimately keep power over the people. You're power as a politician is diminished when the people don't need government to sustain them. They have tried many tactics to combat capitalism so what's the best way to do it?

    Behold, the environmentalists. Now keep in mind there is a very good reason for environmentalists. They are the reason we have cleaned up our water system over the years, they helped stop industries from dumping toxic chemicals onto our waters and lands. I agree with not polluting and not destroying the earth when we can prevent it.

    However; when it becomes is out of control. Notice that the politicians (mostly Democrats) listen to the extremist environmentalists. They listen to the people who are dead set against any progress or growth at all. No disturbance, nothing.

    All you have to do though is listen to them for a while. Notice that "Global Warming" has now become "Climate Change"....why? Well, because after years of saying "the earth is warming, the earth is warming", it was proven that we have actually been in a cooling period. Well, the Global Warming people come back with "Well, it's just a cooling period BEFORE the warming" now they are the Climate Change people. Hmm....

    They contradict themselves at every turn. Look at Al Gore. He has a huge jet flying around the country. He has a fleet of SUV's at one of his conventions and they left them running outside with the air conditioning on during the whole presentation. Look at his house and how much energy the thing uses...on and on. He is not dumb though, he knew people would see how he uses all of these things and question it. So how could he go around the world talking about pollution when he knows he's one of the worst?

    Behold Carbon offsets. If you for it. See it's ok to fly around in a big jet spewing carbon...just when you get back home, log onto the computer and BUY some carbon offsets. Whew, I feel better now and so does the earth. See the earth is ok with you going ahead and destroying it initially, as long as you come back and plant a tree to absorb that carbon you spewed.

    When you really think about it it's ridiculous and most of all....arrogant. Save the planet? "We can't even take care for one another yet".

    Save the planet?:

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    Source(s): Dr. Contradiction (aka Al Gore): EPA doesn't call carbon a pollutant (same stance today)
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    It's partly because people don't take the time to inform themselves, but also partly because people don't care and are so self-absorbed in their own lives.

    Also, some industries, organizations, and people have a vested interest in the status quo, such as oil companies. If we were to do something about climate change, that would include reducing carbon dioxide emissions which would mean reducing the use of oil, which is potentially less money for them. So that's why they put out disinformation and have their cronies (typically Republican) downplay things like climate change because they don't really want to see anything done about it so they can continue making record profits. But I'm sure this happens in both parties, Republican or Democrat.

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    Who are these politicians that have never cracked open an earth science book?

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    Ignorance isn't accepted in politics...but opinions are. Just because someone believes in global warming doesn't mean they are ignorant, it just means that they might think differently than you. Kind of ironic that you brought up ignorance huh?

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    Because our politicians are looking for VOTES, not a clean environment.

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