How do you write music for the drums?

I'm in a band and we don't have anyone at the drums yet but we are making songs already. I'd like to know how to write sheet music for drums.Mostly I want to know what drum has what note eg. symbols are What note? Any HELP?

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    1 decade ago
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    this drumset legend should help you out. the beginning is probably stuff you already know but the bottom of the pdf is where all the notes in drumset sheet music is laid out.

    good luck.

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    Hi, I was a drummer for my ex band who was into writing our own songs. I do know a bit of drum notation but what I usually do is either I will write down my own notes like, drummer comes in after the first chorus, then basic beat is something like this and this song, drums fill in is up to the drummer's creativity and when the drummer should hit heavier or light or stop at the certain part of the song. Usually if you get a drummer who has all the basic knowledge and skill, he should be able to catch the groove of the song fast and add in the suitable drum beats. And for me, I always depend heavily on my bassist for remembering the song. He will lock down the groove and the bass part and I just had to follow his bass for the bass drums and add in my usual element.That's why bassist and drummer work heavily together.

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