Where does all the canned food from a food drive usually go and how do they distribute it?

I've always wondered about the food i give to the food drives each year.... I wonder if they're going to good will, maybe they have a place where they set out all the food and the people who need it come in and take what they need, or maybe they have a place where they sell it, but cheaper than you would get it at stores, like good will..... Just sort of curious.

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    The food we donate is used to make emergency food boxes for low-income families. Organizations like Angel Ministries and Second Harvest also receive some of the food, as does the Rescue Mission that feeds the homeless.

    Under no circumstances does the food go back to stores to be sold.

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    The food goes to local food pantries. Food is typically distributed to people based on the size of their family. Most pantries will take your donation and stock their shelves. They have a list of items they pack depending on the family size, thats who gets that bag. They do try to give everyone the same thing.

    Food pantries also get corporate donations and grants, and get food from a larger food bank in the area that they pay for with the cash donations they get. They use cash donations to buy fresh meat, veggies, dairy products, etc....

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    My husband and I give to our city local food bank often. From what I was told by the receptionist at the food bank, those families who meet the requirements to receive aid, go and pick the grocery items they need (sort of like going to a regular grocery store minus the "checkout").

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    well where i work, (community college) we do the food drives and student govt distributes the food at the college near thanksgiving time. So it just depends on the organization.

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    my church just donates it to homeless shelters

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