was england justified in taxing the colonies?

just tell me if this is correct please:

the colonies were taxed becaue they were paying off a debt from the french and indian war. england provided them with defense, and the colonies did not want to pay for it. this set the stage for the revolution.

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    That was part of it. Basically we wanted the protection without paying for it. This led to the British applying more taxes, the colonists not having proper representation in Parliament, and the colonial reaction to the different acts of taxation. There was no real one thing that led to the revolution, but a series of events beginning in 1763.

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    One thing the Colonists saw was England really didn't provide much support during the French and Indian War. Mostly the Americans did the fighting and suffering. When the taxes came they very correctly asked "why."

    Augie hits most of the reasons explaining why there was resistance to the taxes. The other British side would speak about the cost of transportation, and investment in the colonies. The Colonists also had the protection of the British Navy as they conducted their shipping trades.

    Had England manged the taxes with some degree of skill, we'd well be part of the Commonwealth today.

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    A very good question. I wish I knew how much that tax was the Colonists were supposed to pay. I know that the tea that arrived from England to the New England Colonies was outrageously over priced because of the taxes added on. No people have ever been taxed into prosperity. Remember also, the Colonists were quite capable of defending themselves.

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    I thought taxation was because they were providing the colonies with supplies and they wanted to make them pay for the transport of the goods, not only because on these voyages, they needed to supply the shipmates with provisions, but because the King taxed them in retaliation of their separation.

    They refused to pay because "No taxation without Representation" the parliament/King wouldn't allow the colonists to have any choice in how much tax they would have to pay.

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    No the colonies were taxed because they decided to use their own currency. This taxation was basically inflation. Benjamin Franklin said that this is the main reason we had a revolution. The founding fathers have a lot of bad things to say about banking institutions.

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