This is serious dos my crush like me?

I have a crush ,and my crush knows i like him. So my grade went outside and most of the boys were playing football my crush was one of them. So i was walking and then my crush kicked a ball and accidentally hit me in the head with a rubber ball. He started to laugh histarically. So i was so mad i took the ball and threw it at his head. He is like what the hec! so im whatever you embarrased me. Then at the end of the day i was im sorry for hitting you in the head. He says its all right. a second later he says sorry for kicking you with the ball. He smiles and walks away.(Not a ha ha a nice smile.) Another boy comes up and screams you like jake! When jake is right behind me. I look back and he has another smile on his face.

Do u think he likes me?? ( tell the truth)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes, he likes you. Now his smile proves this. It is upto you to get him to love you. It is easy and it starts with a Smile. Smile every time you see him and in couple of days, make that smile glow as you wave him Hi! in the corridor or street. Then in couple of weeks start adding wink to your smile. Find any common activity if you can and just introduce yourself. Actually, you can make him feel more confident and able to approach with boosting his ego. Keep that smile on always so he feels comfortable to talk to you. Ask him if he would like to do shared study or project, then give him your phone# or email address. Then when alone or even in group, start showing some of your touchy feely side - sit close to him, even innocent High 5's work great, pat on shoulders or arms as you approach him and show those naughty flattery looks when with him alone...flirt a little, don't worry, you would open up as the time passes. Then it'd be ok to start giving him a hug as you say goodbye and then start planting a kiss on his cheek when no one is looking. Soon, he would start reciprocating to you and show same emotions.

    Actions speak louder than words. Have fun!

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