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Can the President of the United States of America fire anyone that he pleases to in the senate or congress?

Just curious....

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    There are 3 separate branches of government; the executive branch lead by the President; the Congress (legislative branch) comprised of the House and Senate; and the U.S. Supreme Court (judicial branch). Each branch keeps the other in check, but the president and executive branch can't simply "fire" senators or congressman.

    The executive branch is completely separate from the legislative branch...unless you ask Cheeny or Sarah Palin...

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    No, he has ZERO control over the makeup of Congress. He CAN fire anyone in the EXECUTIVE branch of the Federal Government.

    Article 1, Section 5 of the Constitution begins: Each House shall be the Judge of the Elections, Returns and Qualifications of its own Members.

    Section 2 grant the House of Representatives 'the sole Power of Impeachment'.

    Section 3 grants the Senate 'the sole Power to try all Impeachments'.

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    No. It's a democracy. They were elected by the people to be their representatives, like the president is. The senate and congress can vote to expel members(which will probably happen to Ted Stevens), but I don't believe the president has any authority.

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    No, the President, the head of the Executive branch, can fire no one in Congress, the Legislative branch.

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    If there have been ever an audit of the Federal Reserve economic corporation, about ninety% of Congress AND the President may be implicated...... it would not count number what "celebration" they belong to, both, they're all both Elitist. bear in mind how Shrub develop into appropriate to Enron and Cheney continues to be appropriate to Halliburton? Abraham Lincoln suggested that if the commonly used public actually knew how the country's economic device quite worked, they (the commonly used public) may upward thrust up and the country's economic device may get replaced in one day..... As for each and each and every of the corruption and the "criminal" crimes our Elected representatives have become away with -- it really is the fault of the electorate. it really is top, WE enable them wreck out with it by making use of no longer replacing them with those who can actually OBEY THE regulation. we want issues to modify, then we are those to carry it about. i have been telling people about the "Fed" for years, even if the properly a million% of the richest 5% of the U.S. inhabitants (those who own over 50% of the wealth interior the U.S. - yet pay lower than 40% of the taxes) has some thing of the people mind-washed into believing that the "Fed" is truly run by making use of Congress. Abraham Lincoln suggested that if the commonly used public actually knew how the country's economic device quite worked, they (the commonly used public) may upward thrust up and it (the business device) may be eliminated..... That develop into decrease back interior the mid-1800's, even as deepest banks nonetheless revealed their own money. imagine if the commonly used public actually knew how the Federal Reserve economic corporation operated. Oh, and John...I rely on the bees right here to pollinate my corn, squashes, cucumbers, beans, peas, etc. without pollination, there is no harvest, era. issues are turning out to be so undesirable, related to entire hives being killed or "disappeared", that i'm allowing a hive to proceed to be interior the wall of my storage. i want the "bee hive study", to confirm what the hell is killing the bees interior the U.S. and international huge.

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    No. In our goverment everything revolves around a system of checks and balances. So, for almost every decision the president makes he has to run it through the house and the Senate...

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    No. That he can't is very purposeful, because otherwise the President could just stock Congress with his party and basically run that branch of government indirectly.

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    He can't fire anybody in the senate or congress he can fire anybody in his cabinet though or replace military leaders.

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    Well, he could always write an 'executive order' ( the nice end play around the Constitution that Clinton and Bush were so fond of) and give himself that power.

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    He can fire no one that is elected, however he can fire people he appoints to office.

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