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Is it an infringement of copyright to add music to a slideshow of your own photos?

I do a little photography as a hobby (personal use only) and to make viewing my photos and my children and grandson's photos more fun, I add a song to the slide show. I do not sell the slide shows, use them for marketing in any way, or claim the song to be mine. We just like a little toe-tapping to go along with watching the photos as they pan across the monitor. I have done many of these slide shows without any problems arising from them until youtube decided one was a copyright infringement. ALL the photos were taken by me. It was only the song that wasn't created by me. BUT here's what is confusing...I had other slide shows created exactly the same way...a combination of MY photos and Music that I had on my computer.


I see. So when professional photographers add music to their video taping of weddings and birthdays, etc., they are breaking the law? Hmmm...who knew?

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    It is an infringement when used for commercial purposes if you do not obtain permission from the copyright holder first. Usually music used for personal use is not an infringement. Some professional photographers use royalty free music that has a licensing agreement that allows them certain privileges & comes with the music they are using. (Kind of similar to open source software like Joomla). I've used music like that on a website I ran- the artist allows the use of the music as long as a tag line "Music provided by..... or Music courtesy of........." is included with the music.

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    You can purchase something called a 'mechanical license' for a published song. That allows you to add it to a wedding video for example. However, if you do this without express permission you are breaking the law.

    The Harry Fox agency has the rights to sell these licenses for a lot of music: http://www.harryfox.com/index.jsp

    However, you can also get publicly licensed music for free from http://creativecommons.org/audio and other locations - in these sites, composers have essentially given a general license to use their copyrighted materials with no charge, as long as you don't try and re-sell these tracks in any form.

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    If these slideshows are only intended for yourself or your immediate friends & family, none of the corporate copyright clowns are likely to find out or even really care.

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    yes anything copyright that is used is an infringement, but the problem is to keep up with the infringements, so your slide show should have no problem unless you have haters that want to see you go down

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    Any use of any song, video or picture that has a copyright, you cannot use without permission. I know it sucks, but that's the law.

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    as long as you use it just for yourself it is ok unless you try to sell it then there might be a problem but you are ok to use it your self

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