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The correct way to say what is the bathroom, restroom in spanish?

Can i say ¿dónde está el baño? or ¿dónde está el aseo?? Do they both mean the same or does el aseo mean toilet?? What is the correct way?


Sorry i meant The correct way to say where is the bathroom, restroom in spanish?

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    Baño means bath or Shower.

    The room where the toilet and the bath-tab or shower is, is also referred to as baño. If it doesn't have a shower or bath-tab, in the US you would call that a Rest Room, in Spanish is still a baño.

    Different Latin American countries use different names. Aseo may be one of them. In the old times they pick the name from the British " Water Closet" or WC.

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    aseo means to bathe lol and baño means bath ( like a bath where u go and doo u know and takes baths).

    Donde esta el baño? : Where is the bathroom?

    Me puedo asear? : Can I take a bath?.

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    donde esta el bano, they'll know what you're looking for

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