what to talk about when you're with the girl you like?

so do you have any ideas on what to talk about, i'm going to hang out with her tomorrrow for the first time!! what do girls like t otalk about??

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    1. I would suggest talking about yourself a little bit, like hobbies, fav music, ect. Just don't go to deep into it, and let her talk. If you know she likes to talk about something, lets say music, try to talk about that more.

    2. Ask her about some of her life, and again, dun dig into deep, that can be pretty awkward xD

    3. The one thing I hate about my bf is that he always just wants to kiss me, also first time I met him. Don't do that to her. She may seem like she's fine with it, but she prob won't be.


    wut elseee...

    I'd say

    Keep it sweet, short and simple.


    Well good luck xD

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    Well, coming from a girl, herself, it depends on what type girl you like! If she's the sporty type (like me), I would want to talk about like sports or something! Definitely NOT girlie stuff, like make up, or hair products! Although, compliments never hurt anyone! If she's like a cheerleader, or maybe just the girliest person you know! If she's that way, definitely talk makeup, hair, and stuff like that! But my best advice to you, is find out what dhe likes! Just remember, say what you gotta say!

  • pink
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    1 decade ago

    A good way to start any conversation (especially with a girl) is with a compliment. Tell her you look beautiful or your hair looks nice today.

    If the conversation ever stops and gets awkward start asking her questions about herself. Talking about yourself is the easiest thing and puts people as ease.

    Good luck!

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    compliment her every once in a while. Just talk about stuff in school like what teachers you have or who she hangs out with. Most of all, talk about music, that always helps.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I always get the image of a set of Disney like monkeys draped by their fingertips from branches whenever I read you Americans going on about 'hanging out'.

    What to talk about? Talk about those girls that ''you don't like.....'', or talk about mutual interests ~ about yourself, the things that you like / don't like ~ and ask her about her likes etc.

    It's interesting just how much conversation can be generated from a single question ~ and as you get older it gets a bit more interesting as life offers you more to talk about.


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    From a girls point of veiw. If i was in her poisition, i would want to talk about a lot. For instince ask her some things to get to know her more. Like what is your fav. movie, or if she has any siblings. After you get to know her, try and let her ask u questions about ur lifestyle. Of course we like to tlk about shoes, clothes ect., so compliment her on something. Like her shoes. Or even her eyes! thats just from a grls point of veiw. Hope it helps!


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    the best thing is to just be casual...school subjects, if you have any classes, homework or the teacher, ask what she likes (sports wise, and such) and also confidence in yourself really makes a girl like a guy, if he holds doors open, makes eye contact, and stuff like that...girls love that.

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    Talk about ur fav songs/shows. And definately school if u have the same teachers. And try to make her laugh!! Tell some funny stories. =]

  • Ben
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    1 decade ago

    today on our way to her house she was feeding me kisses i mean the chocolate ones and just talking about random stuff

    i don't know man at least she hasn't been bored and she smiles and laughs a lot so i guess i have done alright

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    hahaha well i pass through the same thing with a guy. But i guess just tell her how she's doing, how was school, if she wants anythin from the store, and then the rest just finish it with kissing lols. =]

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