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Can someone suggest a public beach in MA ?

Can someone suggest a public beach in MA that would allow me to light a small fire? Or do they not let you do that? :P

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    There are a bunch of public beaches in and around Boston: Revere Beach, Carson Beach and Pleasure Bay in South Boston, Tenean Beach in Dorchester...but they're all state property, and I can almost guarantee you that you won't be allowed to light a fire.

    Here's a list of beaches, where you could call some ones you're interested and ask:

    It'd probably be better to ask first so you don't get shut down when you get there, but from my experience they aren't going to let you light a fire on a Massachusetts beach without some kind of permit.

    Good luck.

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    They let you do that on alot of bay beaches on the cape - with a permit. You can call the areas Fire Department to see what their policy is

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    You might try Revere Beach.

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    Yeah, Revere is nice:) Idk about the whole fire thing though...

    But if you go there make sure you eat at the restaurant Kelly's!

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