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What was the last scary movie you watched?

I saw Alien last weekend with my Sister. I was all like, "Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!"


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    I decided it would be fun to watch the Exorcist in French.

    LOL, I was practically hiding behind the sofa...

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    30 Days Of Night.

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    The last supposedly scary movie I watched was The Strangers. But it wasn't scary at sucked.

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  • 1 decade ago

    One Missed Call

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    the Haunting of Molly hartly

    i only saw it because Chace Crawford*sigh* was in it!!!!

    but it was startling scary.

    im fine with ghosts and Huanting and stuff cause i watch a bunch of those but the jumping out ade me actually shrieck so many times the attendant guy came up behind me and asked me to be quiet, but he snuck up on me, so i screamed more

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    saw 5

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    The Strangers.

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    the blair witch project. ha! thats funny we were just talking about the movie alien in heath class today. my teacher claims it had to do alot with the lesson, but i think he just wanted an excuse to scare students by explaining really graphic parts. hes sick.

  • the haunting of molly hartley, but that was like 0 scary, so probably the strangers

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