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should i still live with her next year?

everything my roommate does annoys me. she stares at the computer for 10+ hours a day & barely leaves the room, takes 5 hour naps in the afternoon, doesn't start hw until after midnight. she's SO unsocial and she talks about the same 3 things everyday (her rowing team, the condition of her acne, and how fat she is). thing is, we have good convos sometimes and i feel like i can confide in her. but i don't think i can stand another year of living with her...what should i do?

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    No offense but the entire description of her seemed like a not a very good choice for you.SOMETIMES doesnt cut it.It should be most of the time she is similar to you.heres an easier way to put it..choose someone who has similar standards as you..that way,youll live together in peace.Why make your life difficult and choose the wrong person to live with when she has more negative traits that you dont agree with,than good traits?Youre gonna feel unhappy sooner or later because her ways will conflict with yours.

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    Can you move? Otherwise, tell this person to straighten out. Good luck*

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