Rapidly losing my sanity with picky 1 year old?

I don't know what happened my daughter use to be like Micky she would eat anything but as soon as she hit 1 years old all terror ensued

she won't eat any vegetables....I even tried putting sugar on them and she still wouldn't she won't eat bread if I make her a peanut butter sandwich she picks all the peanut butter out she won't eat eggs either she takes everything I try to give her and tosses it onto the floor all she wants to eat are those gerber puffs and whole milk....she also (can't eat cheese last time I gave her some she got so stopped up I had to manually remove the cheese (SORRY FOR THE GRAPHICS MOM) I am just at my wits end I don't know what to do....she doesn't have any stomach problems or anything (except with the cheese) PLEASE HELP


oops sorry I forgot to mention that my Daughter has been on solids since she was 11 months she eats what we eat ya know meats,vegetables the occasional junk food

Update 2:

it's just that when she turned one she turned into a little gourmet monster I took her to the doctor and he said there is nothing wrong with her

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    You're coming into the terrible two's, I think it actually starts in their second year of life not after they turn two. My beautiful children turned into little stubborn monsters after they turned one. They would only eat tomato ketchup sandwiches and canned spaghetti for a while. Other times they would only eat sultanas and watermelon. There may be a medical reason for her not wanting to eat what you're giving her but she could also be trying to exert her new found independence and get your attention. Give her the gerber puffs and milk but also try and tempt her with other little samples of new foods. It does get better though, after they turn 2 they seem to improve. Good luck.

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    I had the same problems with my now 3 year old son, I tried to ask him what he wanted and sometimes it worked. I finally noticed that he wanted ranch dressing all the time, I now offer ranch dressing with pretty much all the vegetables and he eats them just fine, he actually loves it. as for the bread I don't know what to say. try giving her some options like do you want an egg or oatmeal for breakfast, maybe that will help, she will feel like she decided what to eat and that she is in control. good luck!

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    try giving your daughter those new toddler graduates maybe she isn't ready for table food... or just hand her the food and let her feed herself. let her get messy who care its nothing a little water and soap cant fix.

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    I would ask your daughters peditrician for help.

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