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Tell me what you think the best thing to do is...

This Friday is the first round of playoffs for football. My boyfriend plays for our rival school and they are playing the same time as my high school on friday..but in two complete different stadiums. It is most likely the last home game that the boys at my school will play at. (I'm a senior). Then again, my bf is a senior too and I want to watch him play. I have more friends on his football team than my own, but I don't know if I would regret missing out on my last home football game. And I don't want to regret missing out on my bf's game either. I don't know what I should do. What would you do in my situation?

Thanks for your input..

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    Honestly, honey, who the hell cares? I hope this isn't the peak of your existence. Hopefully you get a degree, a career, have a wedding and give birth one day. You're placing WAY too much importance on something you won't even remember in 6 months from now.

    Go see your boyfriend.

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    It's impossible to say. You won't like this line of reasoning, but . . .

    You could go see his game, and it could be great, and you might remember it for the rest of your life as a really fun time.

    Or, you could break up with him a few months afterwards and be really mad at him and always wish you'd never bothered going to his game.

    Now I am not saying I think you guys are likely to break up - really, I'm just saying that you will never know how you'll look back on events in the future. So it's not good to consider things in this way - will I regret this later? - when sometimes you just can't tell.

    Especially at this time in your life, it's not such a big deal either way. Don't worry so much about potential future regrets, just enjoy what's going on right now.

    I'd go to his game. You sound like you have more reasons to want to be there.

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    I would go with boyfriend, but I guess that's because my boyfriend is more important than a school game for me. Your boyfriend probably wants you to watch him too

  • you should go see your boyfriend. it's more special when you are watching someone that you admire.

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